Military Situation On Israeli-Lebanese Border On April 18, 2024 (Map Update)

Military Situation On Israeli-Lebanese Border On April 18, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Hezbollah announced the deaths of two of its members in southern Lebanon;
  • Hezbollah rocket attack gathering of Israeli soldiers near Hanita outpost;
  • Israeli drones attacked the Markaba area;
  • Hezbollah attacked Malikiya outpost with several rockets;
  • Hezbollah attacked an Israeli soldier in Metula;
  • Israeli warplanes attacked the Khiam area;
  • Israeli warplanes attacked the Blida area.
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Psionists slaves of America

experts say hizbola has like 150,000 rockets & guided missiles that can overwhelm israel air defense many times worse that hamas did on oct7. if hizbola receives their arsenal from iran, it means iran has several orders of magnitude more weapons than hizbola. i bet if israel strikes irani nuclear &/or oil facilities, iran & its proxies will carry coordinated, well timed strikes that will completely overwhelm & deplete what israel & the us have in the middle east

CEO of Yapping

you kike are so rtded… that was your “retaliation” attack on iran? oh let’s cope and say it wasn’t.

who said “to not sleep for massive “israeli” retaliation in iran” again? you kikes didn’t sleep for that.

CEO of Yapping

american media, including cnn and fox news, report that israel has carried out a ‘limited strike’ inside iran

tonight, 3 small quadcopter drones, possibly launched from inside iran, were shot down by air defenses above isfahan, according to preliminary information.

no airstrike or explosion caused by any foreign aerial threat has been reported, according to irna, and missile defenses have not been activated.

CEO of Yapping

+ all military and security installations in isfahan province remain secure, including the natanz nuclear reactor.

kurdish gangs get their orders from the us or “israel” but both use kurdish gangs when something is happening inside iran… it can’t be them. the us openly now saying they had no role in “israeli” “attack” inside iran.

wow you useless sub-human kikes, good for nothing clowns that 24/7 lie and kill children and women.

CEO of Yapping

anyway on other news, there is a video of a tu-22m3 crashed in the stavropol region.

also, what do you know… argentina has submitted an application to join nato as a global partner.