Military Situation In Ukraine On February 12, 2024 (Map Update)

Military Situation In Ukraine On February 12, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Russian strikes hit Ukrainian military facilities in the Pavlograd area;
  • Russian strikes hit Ukrainian military reserves near Pokrovsk town;
  • Russian strikes were reported in the city of Voznesensk;
  • Russian forces repelled 3 attacks of the 43rd Mechanised and 25th Air Assault brigades near Sinkovka;
  • Russian forces repelled 2 attacks of the 60th and 63rd mechanised brigades near Yampolovka and Dibrova;
  • Russian forces repelled 13 attacks of the 42nd mechanised, 79th air assault, 81st airmobile brigades near Bogdanovka, Georgiyevka;
  • Clashes continue in Belogorvka;
  • Clashes continue near Novomikhailovka;
  • Russian artillery pounded AFU positions near Priyutnoye;
  • Russian forces eliminated 60 Ukrainian servicemen, two pickups, one Gvozdika artillery system in the Kupyansk area;
  • Russian forces eliminated 290 Ukrainian servicemen, four armoured fighting vehicles, and nine motor vehicles in the Krasny Liman area;
  • Russian forces eliminated 240 Ukrainian servicemen, three motor vehicles, two U.S.-made M777 artillery systems, and one D-20 howitzer in the Donetsk area;
  • Russian forces eliminated 165 Ukrainian servicemen, two motor vehicles, one D-30 howitzer in the Southern Donetsk area;
  • Russian forces eliminated 150 servicemen and three motor vehicles in Zaporozhye region;
  • Russian forces eliminated 70 servicemen, three motor vehicles, one Gvozdika artillery system, one Giatsint-B towed, one D-30 howitzer in Kherson region;
  • Russian air defense systems shot down 33 Ukrainian drones over the past day.
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i hope ukraine is happy with its collapse and their pathetic cheerleading masters in the west.

does anybody ever recall the west ever helping any nation to prosper while bringing their so called “love peace and democracy”? i don’t think so.


“the commander of the 127th defense brigade returned to his unit after being wounded and began celebrating the event. after consuming alcohol, he went to the local cemetery where his father is buried. remembering his father’s love for the ussr and the united country, the company commander started cursing at the tombstone, kicking it, accusing it of sympathizing with “commies,” and then threw two grenades at the grave.“
ukraine is one large open air mental asylum.


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already well known is that the destitute and poorer classes along with the lesser intelligent can ill afford to flee ukronazistan.

they will be recruited by force to the point where a three man team is required to throw a hand grenade…

Degeneration Of Russia

winter has come – to russia. russians are freezing at their homes. at the same time europe is doing fine after cutting ties to russian “not so cheap energy”. europe is modernizing its energy systems with far better electricity grid and efficiency than russia has. russia is wasting energy and having serious problems to invest to siberia 2 pipeline.


thanks for the laugh.


what a sad fkn clown u are, weakest sore ass propaganda i have had the misfortune of reading in a long time…


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i live in the uk where people are too scared to heat their homes, in germany industries are going to the wall because they don’t get cheap russian gas anymore you complete knobhead.

jens holm

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