Military Situation In Syria On February 5, 2024 (Map Update)

Military Situation In Syria On February 5, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • On February 5, the Russian Ministry of Defense recorded 1 case of hostilities and ceasefire violations in the Idlib region in the past 24 hours;
  • On February 4, Resistance forces attacked the US base in the al-Omar oilfield with a suicide drone;
  • On February 5, the SDF announced that six of its fighters were killed in a drone strike on the US base at al-Omar oilfield;
  • On February 3, SAA artillery shelled HTS positions in Kansafra.
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bravo, cand veniți in excursie in delta dunării? sa vedeți avioanele care va cartografiaza!

carlos der schakal

according to yahoo, iran proxies killed pkk-ypg-sdf terrorists in syria. good idea. kell’im all. that way the illegal occupiers can’t claim self defense and have to leave once their kturd proxies fearing for their lives stop being useful idiots. turkey, iraq and iran have good reason to get rid of those treasonous zionist enslaved secessionists the sooner and the more the better. what brandon going to do?