Military Situation In Palestine On May 9, 2024 (Map Update)

Military Situation In Palestine On May 9, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Israeli warplanes attacked a mosque east of Rafah
  • Palestinian groups attacked the Karam Abu Salem area with several rockets
  • More than 34,904 Palestinians were killed and more than 78,514 others were wounded as a result of Israeli airstrikes, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health
  • Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters continue near the Rafah crossing
  • The Israeli army carried out a limited invasion in Tal al-Hawa and Zaytun areas
  • Palestinian groups attacked Israeli soldiers in the Netzarim axis with mortar shells
  • Israeli warplanes attacked Rafah City
  • Israeli artillery shelled the Nuseirat area
  • Israeli artillery shelled the Beit Hanun area


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top 5 refugee trash countries
1 turkey
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3 sweden
4 england
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