Military Situation In Palestine On May 5, 2024 (Map Update)

Military Situation In Palestine On May 5, 2024 (Map Update)

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  • Palestinian groups attacked the Karam Abu Salem area with several rockets. At least two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded;
  • More than 34,654 Palestinians were killed and more than 77,908 others were wounded as a result of Israeli airstrikes, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health;
  • Israeli warplanes attacked Rafah City;
  • On May 4, the Islamic Resistance In Iraq attacked a vital target in the port city of Haifa with an Arqab cruise missile;
  • Since the beginning of the war, 350 US cargo planes and 50 ships full of ammunition and weapons were sent to Israel, according to Israeli media;
  • Israel will not agree to the demands of Hamas, and will continue to fight until all goals are achieved, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM;
  • On May 2, Bahraini Islamic resistance group known as “Saraya Al-Ashtar” attacked an important target in the city of Eilat using suicide drones.
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Crocus Shooting Gallery

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israel is in big trouble. you are whooping your own asses by the looks of it

jens holm

they are not.

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jens holm

russia will take mecicans as well.

because of the hotter climate they will grow tequila there to replace corn and potatoes.

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Janne Kankaanpää

zionists trying to do to palestineans what hitler did for them. hitler failed, so will you.


hitler was a zionazi funded imbecile.


each day that passes sees the zionazi abomination bleeding more as its imbecile golem in $lumville ussa primes for its long overdue civil war reloaded. karma is a wonderful thing to behold. palestine will be free; nothing can stop it now.