Melting Snow Reveals Texas Secrets



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The text was submitted by Breaking Spectre.

As Texans regain electricity and water after a week of extremely cold weather, much is being revealed with the on-going Texas saga after ERCOT and energy providers were caught with their collective pants down.  Federal government ineptitude and Day 1 Biden EOs have been called into question.  Similarly, Texans are asking questions about the bureaucracy known as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas after having found that many members were not Texas residents.

Never letting a ‘crisis go to waste’ the face of the Green New Deal, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, jump-jetted down to Houston with her fellow Dems for some photo ops…albeit this time not in front of a chain link fence in the middle of nowhere. But, it’s NOT political, right AOC? (Readers may want to brush up on the AOC-Ted Cruz feud over the last several months.) Not to be outdone, ‘climate charlatan’ (czar, charlatan, same thing), John Kerry tries to gaslight us into believing that somehow, Texas’ cold snap and energy woes was caused by….wait for it…global. warming. Nonetheless, private individuals and groups are getting the job done delivering meals and water in Texas’ time of need.  A call-out for skilled trades is in dire need given the abundance of pipes that have burst as a result of the energy disruption.

Over the coming weeks, a number of questions should be answered. Perhaps more of a rhetorical question is whether or not this was a shot across the bow from the Deep State to get Texas ‘back in line.’  Texas led the States’ suit on election fraud to SCOTUS, AG Paxton has already taken Biden to court contesting EOs related to immigration, AG Paxton has also been vocal about attempts by the FEDs to thwart the 2nd Amendment, and there’s the whole Texit secession movement.

Also, what are Texans to do with exorbitant energy bills now hitting their doorsteps for energy they didn’t consume?  It should be painfully obvious of the shortcomings of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, especially in arctic temperatures coupled with snow and ice.  And, we’ve not even scratched the surface on where all of this electricity will come from to power EVs as the war on fossil fuels heats up.

More to come, certainly.

You can listen to another stream by Breaking Spectre about the Texas crisis, where he answers the question “What did Goldman Sachs know, and when did they know it?”

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AR-15 7.62×39 partial parts kit.


AR-15 multicaliber SPR, PDW, special purpose rifle, personal defense weapon initial assembly.


How’d you manage to get that despite living in a blue state? Black market?


Most of the state is red. Is questionable if it’s blue. The dems may be engaged in felony election fraud. Some blue states have more restrictions than others. This falls within the legal parameters here.


Randy Cramer is stating that some generals at the pentagon were officers during WW2 and are over 100 years old. As a result of life extension technology developed in the secret space program during and after the war.

Fog of War

Serious question. We dont agree on certain things, however, I agree with you that there has been, and currently is a secret space program. What I find puzzling is your stance on the US’s power and capabilities. If the US has been interacting with extraterrestrials for decades and receiving advanced technology from them how is any other country on the planet supposed to defeat them ?

Additionally, wouldn’t that explain the US’s paradoxical, nonchalant behavior as they dont seem to be concerned about any other adversary and seem to want an armed conflict ?


Maybe compartmentalization is designed to prevent some technologies from being obtained by adversaries. So they’re not used in conventional conflicts. Where they could be obtained and reverse engineered.

The US isn’t a monolith. There’s also the issue of factionalization within sequestered programs. Where more than one faction has advanced weapons and mutually assured destruction is a factor keeping things in check.

I doubt that the US, or factions within it, have a monopoly on sequestered weapons and other tech. Anyone with advanced scientific and industrial capability potentially is in possession of sequestered tech.

Factions within the US want conflict, such as Jews and Zionists. Other factions such as myself don’t.

Robert Ferrin

I thought I saw a spaceship just last night, but it turned out to be just a delusion like so many have, I used to have a neighbor up the road that spent nights running around the country looking for spaceships, but they dodged her at every turn, I suppose they have a name for those kinds of conditions where the mind and its fantasies are out in space while their bodies occupy the ground, but I can’t recall what it was I’ll ask my shrink at the next appointment to refresh my mind..


I look at a beam weapon entry wound scar below my left eye, that almost permanently blinded me in that eye, in the mirror every day. So I don’t need to go looking for proof.

I went to a dentist and plastic surgeon for the injury and got negative reactions from both. And discontinued seeking medical assistance and recovered from it on my own as best as I could.

I have multiple restricted area and other security clearances, including NBC, DHS and heavy military electronics, and multiple weapons permits. And don’t need a psych write up on my record. So I avoid shrinks. Which is a partial pseudo science scam at this time. That is doing a lot of harm to society with dangerous psychiatric drugs.


“Research & Develop Earth’s first HOLOGRAPHIC REGENERATING MED BEDS …





Earth Defense Force Space Ship US Nautilus


US special forces frigate, carrying 18 special forces teams.


US special forces heavy body armor exosuit


Genetically engineered swarm attack creatures that killed all inhabitants and resulted in US special forces retreat and evacuation.

Pave Way IV

Perhaps more of a rhetorical question is whether or not this was a shot across the bow from the Deep State to get Texas ‘back in line.’

Back in line? Ha – Texas doesn’t need the rest of the U.S. for anything. I’m surprised they tolerated us for this long.

Also, what are Texans to do with exorbitant energy bills now hitting their doorsteps for energy they didn’t consume?

Pay the merchant as agreed, go bankrupt, sell their houses and live in their cars, of course. Texans got screwed by the energy company fine print fair and square. They would be the last state to ask for sympathy from the rest of the country. Hard to protect your own consumers from energy companies when they’ve been running your state for decades.


Back in line? Ha – Texas doesn’t need the rest of the U.S. for anything. I’m surprised they tolerated us for this long.

That’s funny, since they were crying for FEMA’s help.

Pave Way IV

‘Disaster assistance’ isn’t intended for the unwashed masses. Texas politicians and corporations were the ones crying for their spot at the FEMA grifter feeding trough. The little people in Texas are never going to see a dime of any FEMA money (just like everywhere else) – why would they care?

Jens Holm

Thats how it is if You save money for help both at home and in Washington.

Jens Holm

If Texas was Our state the swedes, the germans and norweigians would send us a lot of electricity right away, beccause we are connected well with them and also export and import frim them.

Here we also has the Nordic electricity market with many player and as consumers in own companies can buy the cheepest electricity on the market. BY that the Kapitalistic market keep the price down itself.

And Your at elephant is a lousy one too. Their energy and electricity companies actually also are owned by stockmarket consumers making money there putting in their pension money or if they have more, they put that into those companies as well as others. So there is consumers, wich can control and being controlled as well.

And yes, its a free market with most stockings. So someone from Denmark, Russia or Venezuela can be part owners too. Thats the strong side for western economies, if its used as its supposed to.

Its the states such as United States and in USA the local states, which makes the enviroments for the whole thing. Therefore those also can make demands instead of close to anerchy.

We have problems too but compared to what we fx see for Texas they are very low.


If Texas seceded from Mordor, Texans would simply go to work the next day, their contempt for the Deep State orcs expressed in deed. That said, Texas also needs to perform a deep cleansing of the carpet-bagging corrupt influencers sitting on their committees and boards. These HRC types should be dismissed with extreme prejudice and driven across the Texas border like the feral swine they are. Long live the Lone Star state.


If any state can go it alone as its own nation it must be Texas with all the energy, the ports and the agriculture and industry you could want.


“Go to work” and get paid in, what, Andreas? Federal Reserve Notes? Texas could create its own state currency, but the banker gangsters have a strong chance of taking control of that, too. The exact same problem occurred in the previous succession attempt; it’s why the Bank of England tried to support the Confederacy, something Tsarist Russia helped prevent.

Robert Ferrin

And what would Texas due without all those military bases and production site which contribute billions to their economy probably beg Mexico for some help..

Robert Ferrin

Ain’t the removal of the regulations fun I mean after all regulations are the fence between the sheep and the wolves, if the government had any backbone at all they would nationalize ALL utilities cut the robber barons out of those sky-high rates and the millions the heads of the phony utlity companies get for trying to figgure out how to screw the rate payers best..

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect and very simplified too.

Its a matter of optimized balances and people never should be raised into sheep or wolves.

Your version for nationalizing things dont work at all. It soon will be a ineffective bureucratic quaqmire.

Its more that private often can do a lot much better then the public one but sometimes not, so it need to be taken over by the state – But also vice versa.

It has to be remebered we also has changes for the worlddevellopments. My father fx was replaced by the Office package and many other jobs went to lowpaid areas not in the country.

In the other hand we have made new and often better paid jobs in the private as well as public sector.

So its very much about flexibility AND security = “Flexicurity”. You have to take chances in devellopment, but You also cant do anything if parts of it not seemes safe – and You hesitate for control.

Robert Ferrin

Lol your like fly shit in pepper your all over on all subjects with dis-information which is the true mark of a troll.


This is not about “green energy” vs fossil fuels, but saving a buck. Nor is this about climate warming hoax except in as much as there may have been airborne artificial ice nucleation climate engineering as well. The weakened jet stream from global warming is real, and the more frequent southerly extensions of polar air. Yeah, Texas freezes while it is above 100 F above the arctic circle. No, this is about climate crisis and political and moral crisis and geoengineering all together.

cechas vodobenikov

pre-electric Texas advised by illiterate dimwit from bronx NY—all created in Hollywood

Jens Holm

It has nothing to do with any deep state. People in Texas and many other places systematicly forget the needed safety network.

The only ones, which can change that are the people living there themself by making vital reforms.

There are several solutions for it, but to much private with no public control makes too much cheep profit and too little repsonsability.

We in Denmark has Our way. We makes a Govermental system, we can trust and therefroe we dont need to arm every citicen for own defence. Other systems around the world are able to do it much better then we again see for fx Texas.

By that the the local and the top Govermentals are the ones, which Outsource things in much more demand for safety as well as stability. It also keep the price down for hospitals, electricity etc because the private ones has to compte and are denied monopoly.

Thats the vital error for USA. The freedom in too many matters has gone to far.

Fried Chicken

this was a direct weather weapon manipulation event, and the narrator calls it a spade… ‘to force texas back in line’…