Mark Dankof: U.S. Liberal Democracy Turning Into Totalitarian Regime Reminiscent Of The Soviet Union

Mark Dankof: U.S. Liberal Democracy Turning Into Totalitarian Regime Reminiscent Of The Soviet Union

A former U.S. Senate candidate Mark Dankof

Interview with Mark Dankof. Originally published at the Tehran Times.

“I saw a Russia Today story of June 24th quoting Sergei Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, as saying that the United States held up as a ‘model of liberal democracy is rapidly turning into a totalitarian regime reminiscent of the former Soviet Union,” Mark Dankof tells the Tehran Times.

“I absolutely agree with this as the development of a domestic police state and the ‘irremovability of oligarchic elites’,” Dankof notes.

Late on Tuesday, the websites of a number of Iranian news media outlets, most notably the English-language Press TV and the Arabic-language Al Alam as well as regional media outlets close to the resistance movement were seized by the United States. The move cast a great shadow over claims of freedom of speech propagated by Washington.

Observers believe the U.S. loss of control over other narratives forced it into taking such a measure against the Iranian media in order to solve its immediate problems.

“These elites want a world government they control in its entirety, with global surveillance, military coercion, economic blackmail, control of fiat currency, control of media, and subversion of nation-states and cultures the weapons used to achieve it,” Dankof remarks.

This the text of the interview:

Q: What is the U.S. goal of taking down Iranian news sites as well as Yemeni and Iraqi ones?

A: It is clear that the United States government has taken the action against Press TV and these other outlets because three things have resulted from their broadcasting operations deemed intolerable by American policy makers and their allies in mainstream media and the social media conglomerates:

1. The exposure of the degree of control of Zionist neo-conservatives and the Israeli lobby over every branch of the American government and media;

2. The exposure of the quagmire of never-ending American military operations in the Middle East (West Asia) that have been an abysmal failure and which are based on a complete pack of lies used to justify the unjustifiable in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Gaza, Lebanon, and Ukraine;

3. The exposure of the existence of informed, articulate dissidents from these reprehensible policies at either end of the political spectrum in both the United States and Europe.

Press TV has been especially effective in bringing information and analysis to English speaking audiences and readers unavailable otherwise in American and Western media. The American empire finds this intolerable, either in the exposure of its lies regarding Iran, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Putin’s Russia, Venezuela and Colombia, and China, or the divisions developing in American society on the empire’s foreign policy, its management of the economy, and a burgeoning polarization of the public on cultural and social issues that can no longer be hidden.

I saw a Russia Today story of June 24th quoting Sergei Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, as saying that the United States held up as a “model of liberal democracy” is rapidly turning into a totalitarian regime reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. I absolutely agree with this. Naryshkin spoke of media monopolies, the development of a domestic police state, and the “irremovability of oligarchic elites.” These elites want a world government they control in its entirety, with global surveillance, military coercion, economic blackmail, control of fiat currency, control of media, and subversion of nation-states and cultures the weapons used to achieve it.

Outlets like Press TV threaten this totalitarian agenda and mindset. This is the reason for the attempts to destroy its outreach.

I agree with what Dr. Ahmad Ali-Akbari told Ekaterina Blinova of Sputnik International on June 23rd when he called Washington’s calls for freedom of speech a “tissue of lies.”

Q: Western powers always try to portray Iran and the resistance axis as anti-freedom. Now they have launched a propaganda campaign claiming that the Iranian president-elect is a hardliner. How can they justify this paradox while they are banning Iranian media?

A: They can’t plausibly justify the paradox. Actually, if I were an Iranian, I’d have voted for a “hardliner.” No other vote makes any sense whatsoever. Rouhani negotiated with the West in good faith on JCPOA/P5+1. The result was the unilateral American withdrawal from the deal, the imposition of draconian economic sanctions on Iran for abiding by the terms of the agreement, the assassinations of Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh, and the public claiming of responsibility for these crimes by the 45th President of the United States and the Mossad, respectively. The current American Administration is just as owned by the Zionist monolith as the previous one. Is Iran simply going to sit by and allow its own destruction? Of course not.

Thankfully Putin stands by as a faithful friend and ally, as he has been with Syria. The recent disappearance of Biden and NATO from a direct confrontation with Russia in the Donbass while using Zelensky as a laughable surrogate tiger in the region underscores that Iranian backbone with Russian back-up in a crisis would demonstrate that in a showdown, Biden would join Zelensky in a standup Comedy Club routine in Kyiv. The British HMS Defender flight from the Black Sea region near Crimea is another example of what happens when a bully gets its bluff called in someone else’s neighborhood. Hang tough in Tehran.

Q: How do American-Zionist media shape the stereotypes in minds of the Western public?

A: The long-term strategy has always been to depict the United States and Israel as beacons of light in the midst of jihadic Islamic darkness and repression. This is becoming harder to sustain precisely because outlets like Press TV have daily exposed American and Israeli crimes in Gaza, Palestine, East Jerusalem, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Colombia among others. Even more significantly, the cost of these miserable efforts by the empire is bankrupting the United States economically and politically, and actually weakening an American military in terms of the latter’s overextension and wasteful spending on wars of occupation and counterinsurgency at the expense of modernization of weapons through research and procurement. As just one example, the Russian development and acquisition of hypersonic missiles have rendered the aircraft carrier-based power projection model of the United States Navy obsolete, at a small fraction of the cost. The balance of political and military forces is shifting against the United States and the West toward Russia and China to the benefit of Iran. This is why the Zio-American rhetorical hysteria toward all three is on the rapid increase. The anti-Press TV actions of the American government, along with Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, must be understood in this larger context.

Q: How do you evaluate Raisi’s victory in the Iranian presidential election? What are its implications for the West?

A: It is a positive development for Iran in that it shows the absolute failure of a Zionist-neo conservative foreign policy based on coercion and force, and what is possible when criminals are confronted with resolute resistance. What has been demonstrated by Assad in Syria, the Houthis in Yemen, and the Russian resolve against NATO threats and deployments, is being shown by Iran in this election of a so-called “hardliner” which is presumably defined as anyone who doesn’t lie down for Israeli-American-Saudi-UK destruction of Iran as a sovereign nation-state.

Q: Do you think the Biden administration is ready to negotiate with the new Iranian administration?

A: No, not in good faith. Anthony Blinken, Wendy Sherman, and Victoria Nuland are the Zionist-Jewish trio in charge of Biden’s foreign policy team. The mere fact that Blinken has been insisting on the attachment of conditions to American re-entry into JCPOA illustrates the point. It has not yet dawned on the United States government and its Zionist media moguls that the failure of Biden to keep his campaign promises on JCPOA guaranteed the subsequent Iranian election results. This result was Iran’s best choice. Sadly, the Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh murders illustrate how little has changed in the American-Iranian relationship since Operation Ajax in 1953. But 1953 is not 2021. The shifting of the balance of power I spoke of earlier in this conversation illustrates this truth. And there is absolutely nothing the American empire and Israel can do about it, as both continue to move toward disappearance from history in the progression of the 21st century.


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“liberal democracy” is simply an idiotic term designed for mass consumption. In reality it means satanic degeneracy.

This is why the west is rapidly becoming increasingly perverted and violent.


Maybe learn english first shekeltranny.

Americunt fascists

Let’s not insult the Soviet Union which was far more benign than the Jew controlled Americunt fascist murderous police state Did you ever see the Russian police kill their citizens by stomping on their necks or killing people in thousands. The US is a brutal, corrupt and savage monstrosity that is hooked on wars, violence, guns and corruption. Biden’s family has been taking money openly from the Uki Jews. Americunts are shameless hypocrites and violent fascists.

Marco Polo

The Soviet Union was jewish supremacist too, as indicated by the disproportionate jewish dominated leadership from 1917 to 1925 and thereafter, Stalin’s purges had done very little to rid jews out the Soviet bureaucracy. “Antisemitism” was made illegal in 1917 and punishable by death for much of the USSR’s existence in which jews enjoyed a privileged position.

“Did you ever see the Russian police kill their citizens by stomping on their necks or killing people in thousands.”

You mean like the Communists did in the MILLIONs? George Floyd was a CRIMINAL representative of an incredibly violent racial demographic that contributes to 57% of all that country’s criminal activities.

Racial Crime Statistics – Documentation of globally consistent trends [+PDF version]

Systemic Anti-White Bias in Western Media: A ton of evidence [Available as PDF]:

The Negative Impact of Racial and Ethnic Diversity Upon Societies and Individuals:

You don’t seem to understand the situation beyond what you are told in the media which you seem to unconditionally accept as gospel, as if it came from divine grace. Your understanding of the situation is akin to Critical Theory.

To think you can dupe sensible English speakers, let alone the average NPC into believing the Soviet Union was a marvelous paradise is laughable.

Communism Fascism and National Socialism explained in 15 minutes:

The United States was never Fascist, it was always Capitalist and Liberal. Your understanding of what Fascism entails is a large misconception that has little to no basis in historical fact; superficially comparing their early adoption of the Fasces demonstrates a deeply ingrained ignorance of Fascism as a social-political, economic, and spiritual philosophy.

The United States of America was always a “Liberal” Masonic shopping mall, if you bother to understood the full complications of Enlightenment philosophy you begin to understand why the US eventually became the disintegrating melting pot it is today.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Stephan Williams

Well said, M.P.

Marco Polo
Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo

There is no such thing as “US liberal democracy”: US was and still is a brutal, totalitarian, militarized oligarchy.

Americunt fascists

US is a murderous fascist police state hooked in wars and violence but is now getting its come comeuppance.

Marco Polo

You teenagers try to hard to be edgy and fail miserably by hypocritically supporting one jewish system and opposing another, you fail to notice the war being waged on your minds with a phony conflict meant to disguise the real one with bait and switch tactics.

If you knew anything about Fascism, National Socialism or other Third Positions you would not be calling the US a “Fascist” state. The US is more anarchist than orderly, nothing about it bares any similarity to Fascism in thought nor in practice. You don’t know what these ideas are, only the hyperbole you were indoctrinated to believe in.

Giovanni Gentile – How Fascism Differs from Orthodox Nationalism:–360p-:1

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

Virtually every country is an oligarchy these days to differing degrees. The militarization bit would be unnecessary in a White, homogeneous society. Ever since it has devolved into a melting pot, it now faces similar challenges that you will find in Russia (mainly the Caucasus), China or India.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

You bring up crack pot theorists whose theories have largely turned out wrong, whilst demonstrating your enormous ignorance of innumerable other philosophers you know very little about beyond caricatures, sensationalism and hearsay.

Marco Polo

You think you know everything and can never be wrong at any point, whilst demonstrating an infantile persona and total lack of common sense.


you were………………please learn to conjugate the verbs correclty it hurts

Alexandre Moumbaris


Lone Ranger

32 U.S. soldiers killed by IEDs and suicide by PTSD.

Lone Ranger

The U.S. has turned into the new Soviet Union while Russia has turned into the old U.S.

Americunt fascists

Let’s not insult the USSR, it never invaded half the world and killed millions in the name of democracy. Soviet Union was quite benign by the savage Americunt standards.


Welcome to the BRUSA the Banana Republic of the USA . Where the Tin Horn dictator trembles behind walls(Those symbols of RACIST BIGOTED HATE), razor wire, and lines of armored cars and cannot even trust his own bodyguards..
SNIFFER took his oath guarded by troops that he doesn’t trust.
SNIFFER surrounded himself with walls and barbed wire – you know “WALLS are RACIST BIGOTRY”
A “dictator plain and simple.” hiding inside a bunker issuing EXECUTIVE ORDERS like Hitler in his final days.
Federal agents who let cities burn all summer are now arresting and humiliating those who had dared trespass in the “Holy Temple of BRIBES & KICKBACKS.”
The Democommies are making a MARTYR of Trump.
Did you see that “March of the OOMPA LOOMPAS”?!
We had Four years of the Bolsheviks putting THEIR PARTY ahead of this Nation.
“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Dr. MLK Jr. — and White Males are UNHEARD.
Obstructing, Lying, and Sabotaging everything that they now advocate.
HATEFUL travel restrictions? NOW they are GOOD!
Bigoted Racist Hater WALLS —
No, wait, those walls are not to protect AMERICA and YOUR FAMILY.
THOSE walls, tanks, and troops are to protect THEIR ASSES.
Walls are only Bigoted Racist Hater WALLS — when they are meant for YOUR Family’s protection.
There is NO “war on terror”
If those Yellow Bellied Cowards in Washington DC actually thought there was a real threat to their precious fat behinds …………. That Mexican border would have been sealed tight by noon of 9/12/2001.
” Chinese media and officials are also laughing at America’s hypocrisy. They compared America’s support for rioters in China with repression against the Capitol protesters. There was also an extraordinary spectacle at the first major Chinese-American summit of this administration. Secretary of State Blinken lectured China about the rights of Chinese Muslims, economic coercion against American allies, and China’s threats against Taiwan. The Chinese team, which appeared far more serious and capable, called America weak and immoral. Chinese contempt for the baizuo — “white left” — was palpable. ”
Xiden’s cowardly dodging of Putin’s challenge to a REAL debate is a source of Global laughter.


Remember: The Soviet Union was founded by JEWS calling themselves Bolsheviks. Mao was surrounded by Jews.

The state of the world today is a symptom of a widespread Jew infection of mankind.

L du Plessis

The majority of the US public have been bewitched by their Godless Gov.😭

Alexandre Moumbaris

SOUTHFRONT you should drop that shit!!!

Peter Jennings

The US has been totalitarian for a long while. The US military is at every sporting event, every school event, every mall, pushing conscription on kids who have no hope of a descent job.

Heroes don’t protect their homeland by flying thousands of miles to invade a country which has no chance of ever causing trouble in the US. That’s a fake hero and is created by corporations and america’s ‘free’ press. They have turned military personnel into just another hired gun.

The Spartans use to think the same way, but not even their gay legions could save them.


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