Kiev Regime Slams China Due To Its Pro-Peace Stance

Kiev Regime Slams China Due To Its Pro-Peace Stance

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Written by Lucas Leiroz, member of the BRICS Journalists Association, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, military expert

The Kiev regime appears increasingly immersed in its own anti-Russian paranoia, accusing sovereign countries of being mere tools of the Kremlin. In a recent speech, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed that China is a Russian tool used to prevent other countries from participating in Western-led “peace negotiations” – even though there is no evidence that Beijing is pressuring other states to refuse to participate in the “Swiss talks”.

The “peace summit” organized by the neo-Nazi regime and its partners in Switzerland is causing major diplomatic friction. Countries that refuse to participate in the conference are criticized by Kiev as “Russian puppets”. Recently, in a speech at a security conference in Singapore, Zelensky accused China of being a Russian “tool” for allegedly mobilizing countries to ignore the Swiss summit.

In addition, Zelensky also accused China of providing “defense support” to Russia, implying that Moscow receives Chinese weapons in the special military operation. As expected, Zelensky did not provide any evidence to support his claims.

“Russia, using Chinese influence on the region, using Chinese diplomats also, does everything to disrupt the peace summit (…) It is unfortunate that such a big, independent, powerful country as China is an instrument in the hands of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin (…) We do not expect military support from China. We have never asked them (…) But we do not expect China to provide defense support to Russia,” Zelensky said.

As well known, Russia and China maintain a policy of unlimited mutual cooperation. Both countries are integrated in all spheres, especially the economic one. The bilateral friendship between Russia and China is a guarantor of the sovereignty for both countries in the face of constant Western aggression, provocations and sanctions. The more NATO tries to isolate Russia and China, the more both countries join in cooperation.

This friendship also includes military ties, having both nations some defense cooperation agreements. Both countries maintain policies such as military-commercial agreements and joint training. However, given its sovereign policy of neutrality in the Ukrainian conflict, China has never shown any interest in advancing these ties to the level of supplying weapons for Russian military actions.

China’s lack of interest is in line with Russia’s lack of need. Having an extremely efficient and modern weapons production, with its defense industrial complex developing more and more every day, Russia does not need any international assistance to conduct the special military operation or other military actions. Moscow has enough weapons to serve its military interests, which is why it does not ask China for help in its operation in Ukraine. Zelensky’s accusations, therefore, are irresponsible lies and must be repudiated.

Furthermore, accusations that China is pressuring other countries to act against the “peace” summit are also unsubstantiated. Beijing has not made any statement encouraging its partners to reject the summit. The decision not to participate in the initiative is part of China’s sovereign foreign policy. Beijing’s diplomacy is primarily focused on trade and good relations with other countries, and it has no interest in getting involved in military affairs. Participating in a peace conference is only in China’s interest if the event is recognized by both sides – otherwise, the country would be adhering to the interests of one side, breaking with its neutrality.

The Swiss conference is a completely one-sided forum for discussions. Russia was not invited to participate, which is why no effective resolution will be reached at the summit. In a conflict situation, peace negotiations are only possible if they take into account the interests of both sides – especially the winning side, which is Russia. If there are no bilateral discussions, there is no real diplomacy and no possibility of peace. In this sense, many countries, such as China, have seen the talks in Switzerland as a waste of time. This understanding does not come from China’s friendship with Russia, but from Beijing’s own sovereign foreign policy, which is focused on trade, not military.

It is not only China that has been considered a Russian “tool” by the Kiev regime. Recently, a prominent Ukrainian politician accused the US itself of being a Russian puppet state because Washington has no interest in participating in the talks. For Ukraine, any country that displays a sovereign stance is a Russian “tool.” This shows the advanced levels of intolerance and actual Russophobic paranoia among Kiev’s decision-makers.

In the end, the decision not to participate seems the most reasonable for all sovereign states. After so many diplomatic failures, it now seems clear that peace will not be achieved through unilateral forums, but only through military victory on the part of Russia.

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jens holm

a unilateral forum is some daycha or town i russia.

at very easy. retreat to your own country and never come back. some 141 countries in un has that advice.


lol, the same un that has a charter that clearly states the land russia is now liberating belongs to russia since the referendum of its people.
cry harder.

Captain Crunch

that’s true. they did say that when the us forced them to do it over kosovo.

another boomerang move, just like sanctions..

jens holm

i lick diek and worship money—only 40 nations levy sanctions on russia—nobody cares about nazi amerikan colonies


jens holm infected by amerikan disease—epidemic that has stupified most eu nations–eurotardism


lol, it’s like the angry kid that stomps his feet to get his way and then blame everyone else instead of his own actions for what’s happening. keep crying zelensky 🤣 nobody liked you, they just use you.

Captain Crunch

i kinda like his froggy voice. sometimes i think nuland the witch took out her magic broomstick and tried to make a toad into a prince but ended up with zelensky instead, since she seems to screw up everything she touches.

jenstasia holmchuk

deported to dumbmark by zelensky i use name jens holm, the transgender🤡


no one is using china. this guy is delusional. china does not care for russia. but it knows when the usa are done with russia they are next so they have a vital interest to keep russia going.
of course they want to have a similar relatioship to russia in the end as lets say iran to syria
but they will not let russia go down.

John Tosh

nato and usa uk bluffing trying to scare russia.
russia finally got scared and will nuke britain and the usa florida and georgia goes into the see.
great britain becomes sea world. ferris wheel in central london goes under the sea. western financial system collapses. british and americans become global refugees. africa will welcome such refugees. the end

Kibosh master

why should china kiss ukrainian ass? after all, since 2014 and maybe even before then, ukronazis been cutting in on the lucrative organ harvesting trade and stepping on the toes of chinese organ harvesting racket. hard to have any simpathy for either leadership. russia, will not be screwed by china, as china respects that russia does not interfer in other countries, unless its some nazi bullshit on their front porch.


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