Kiev Failed to Destroy Industry of Donbass

Kiev has failed to destroy Donbass industry despite the blockade, the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky said at a press conference at the Lugansk Information Center today.

“The object of the economic blockade against Donbass imposed by Kiev was destruction of our economic base. They did everything possible to ensure that we could never run any of our factories and enterprises. However, yesterday, I was at the Stal steel-casting company, I saw how everyone is slowly rebuilding their operations, and I saw how our Republic provides all possible assistance. Any blockade, whether it is economic or political, is a boomerang that always comes back. At the same time, the economic blockade imposed by Kiev had negative effects for Ukraine itself. Look at, for example, their purchase of coal in South Africa… therefore, the economic blockade, I think, won’t last a very long time,” – Igor Plotnitsky said.

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