UPDATED: Kiev Brandishes Bayraktar UAV Near Donetsk In Preparation For Hostilities


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UPDATED: Kiev Brandishes Bayraktar UAV Near Donetsk In Preparation For Hostilities

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UPDATED: Kiev Brandishes Bayraktar UAV Near Donetsk In Preparation For Hostilities
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UPDATE on October 28, 9:30 CET. According to information on the morning of October 28, Staromaryevka is firmly held by the Ukrainian army. Kiev units have fortified themselves in the settlement. The information that the UAF left the village on the afternoon of October 27 was not confirmed. Moreover, the leadership of the DPR states that it will be difficult to regain control of the settlement, since civilians may suffer in response. A fair but strange statement, given that the remnants of the civilian population of the village may suffer to a much greater extent from the atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists.

The situation in Eastern Ukraine is escalating after Kiev received its new batch of Javelin ATGMs and cordial support from the USA.

On the afternoon of October 26, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) stepped in the village of Staromaryevka, located in the ‘gray zone’. Staromaryevka is separated from the Kiev-controlled village of Granitnoye by the Kalmius River. However, according to the local reports, by the morning of October 27, they left the settlement

Ukrainian units threw a pontoon bridge from Granitnoye across the Kalmius River. Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups entered the village, a flag was hung on the building of a local store.

The UAF have all that they need to aggravate the situation further – Bayraktar TB2 attack drones from Turkey, various new delivered munitions and weapons from the United States and the EU.

The Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was used in Eastern Ukraine for the first time, on October 26nd. According to the Ukrainian version, the UAV was used in response to shelling from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) militia. Meanwhile, it seems that Bayraktar was used for completely different reasons. Kiev did this in pursuit of two goals: to test Moscow’s reaction and to check gaps in the enemy’s air defense system.

On the morning of October 26th, Ukrainian artillery shelled the village of Yakovlevka, damaging a gas pipeline and a residential building.

On the same day, the Kiev side shelled the area of Telmanovo, and as a result caused a blackout in 12 transformer substations, leaving hundreds of civilians without power.

The DPR returned fire, shelling the village of Golmovsky to the north of Gorlovka, damaging a gas pipeline. Several other locations out of which the UAF carry out shelling attacks received return fire.

In the late hours of October 26th, Kiev troops began moving heavy artillery from their storage facilities into the fields near Slavyansk and Artemivsk, north of Donetsk city. The weapons are positioned towards the south – the city itself.

On October 27, the preparation of the Ukrainian troops for active operations continued.  In the village of Staraya Maryevka, soldiers occupy empty houses. The UAF is creating new fortified positions there, from which the territory of the DPR will be further shelled.

Earlier, on October 22nd, Kiev sabotage and reconnaissance group successfully attacked a vehicle behind the frontline. Three DPR officers and a driver is reported to be killed.

Kiev is doing everything to provoke the DPR, LNR and Moscow to intensify hostilities.

Russia is also beginning to move, as it has realized that no negotiations will bear any fruit. As an initial step, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against the persons behind the shelling on civilians.

This is simply a foundation for further movements at a later date, after all the UAF are shelling individuals who have Russian citizenship. If the situation escalates further and casualties mount, it is likely that another hot phase of hostilities might begin in the late autumn. This is a concerning scenario for Ukraine and its NATO allies.

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Rodney Loder.

Seems ambiguous until you think of the fact that throughout history all Nations were warring factions with investments in contradictory outcomes, this is what we are and can’t be anything else because Allah (swt) judges individuals not Nations, and individuals portray themselves as either pro jew or anti jew, this is the fundamental requirement for being listed in Heaven being anti jew, mainly because jews are evil.
Anyhow the Ukrainian fascists say theur anti jew but in fact they love jews and thus are condemning themselves to eternal torments in the afterlife. All praise only to Allah (swt) God is great.


Stupid ukronazi imbeciles cannot even understand their “president” is a zionist imposter as is his handler kolomoisky, another zionist pig.


Chris Gr

Well, both Russia and Ukraine have relations with Israel!


I am sorry for those who live in countries where it is illegal to criticize them.

The Oracel

The only difference between the NATO Zio psychopaths attitude toward the Soviet Union and Russia is NATO knew if they did what h they aee doing in Ukraine today is they knew is Soviet times if they tired such things there would be an immediate and painful military response.

Now that Russia has restored it independent economy and has ties with China once Nord Stream 2 is approved it will be time for a military solution in Ukraine.

Zio psychopaths only respect what harm you can do to them. Nothing else matters. Russia should then deploy the S-500, S-400 hyper-sonic air defence systems etc. along with offensive nuclear tipped medium range hyper-sonic missiles etc. in Cuba and Venezuela that can strike Washington DC and all USSA ground based nuclear missiles and naval bases in less then 5 minutes.


Time for the gloves to come off with those Nazi animals.

The Objective

This time, the TB2 drones will massacre your forces. You guys constantly downplay TB2, but Russian officials are expressing alarm at the new acquisition and use of the TB2. We are in for another video game of TB2s vs the invincible Russian air defenses.


You wouldn’t know what a Nazi was if one landed on your head. Any Ukrainian who supports NATO or the EU cant by definition be a National Socialist. Stop using buzzwords like a retarded American.

Last edited 2 years ago by Legionnaire

“Russia… has realized that no negotiations will bear any fruit.” It just noticed? After 7 years?

mike l hutchings

how much of Ukraine’s population is Russian? the Donbass is populated by Russians and if i read my situation maps correctly the areas controlled by Ukraine centers around Kiev and the north. a war that the US-BR-NATO combine wants will be a civil war and a bloody one as indicated by past history. the Atlantic alliance is taking war into Russia’s back yard….to what end other than giving the mediocre political Generals holed up in the Pentagon before they tackle their real enemy…the American people

Colonel Dolma

Putin had an opportunity to practice on taking these drones down in Karabagh and at the same time support his orthdox ally Armenia… instead he went for the 10% on the Azeri gas deal to again line his pockets and now Russia blood will be the price for missing that opportunity…. How much money is enough Vladimir?