Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria


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Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria

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Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria
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Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria

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Israel stepped up its attacks against Syria once again, targeting military bases and positions where Iranian-backed forces are said to be deployed.

The escalation began on April 19, when the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) shelled two posts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) located near the town of Saidi al-Hanout and al-Ahmar hill in the southern governorate of al-Quneitra. After the shelling, the IDF dropped leaflets with a warning to both the SAA and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which is allegedly active on the Golan Heights front.

On the same day, the IDF announced losing a tactical surveillance drone, an Elbit Systems Skylark, over al-Qunitra.

On April 24, the IDF struck an observation post of the SAA on Qurs al-Nafel hill in al-Quneitra, which overlooks most of the Golan Heights front. The post was reportedly targeted with ground-launched missiles, most likely Spike NLOS. The IDF also dropped leaflets after the strikes, warning the SAA against cooperating with Hezbollah.

Two days later, on April 26, it was reported that another tactical surveillance drone of the IDF crashed in al-Quneitra. However, this was not confirmed by the IDF.

On April 29, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit the outskirts of the central city of Homs. The targets included a fuel station located on a highway leading to the city, as well as al-Dabaa air base in the southern countryside of the governorate where Iranian military personnel and fighters from Hezbollah are known to be stationed. The Israeli airstrikes wounded three civilians and caused some material losses.

Another Israeli aerial attack targeted Syria on May 1. This time the targets were in the northern governorate of Aleppo. Targets included Aleppo International Airport, which was placed out of service, as well as a large complex of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) located near the town of al-Safira in the southern countryside of the governorate.

The SSRC develops and produces military equipment, including precision-guided missiles and drones, for the SAA and its allies. The center’s facilities were targeted by Israel on several occasions in the past.

The attack on Aleppo claimed the life of at least one Syrian service member. Five other service members and two civilians were also wounded.

The last wave of Israeli attacks came after a rapprochement between Syria and several other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, and amid efforts to restore relations between the war-torn country and neighboring Turkey.

While the attacks are allegedly meant to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in Syria, they also appear to be an attempt to sabotage regional rapprochement with the country.

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Brush Fire #8

Is Israel going to declare war? Against any “Syrian” faction?
Or will the useless “UN” side with Israel, and let them continue to airstrike with impunity?

Oh no! Civilian’s in the Eastern European Theatre are being killed by “Russian’s.”
Let us not mention ISIS funding in Daraa, direct connections to Israel.
Yemen? Schtum…
Is Syria even a Nation? Libya is carved-up. Where is Baathist Assad?
I’m serious, Assad is not in the western MSM. He’s still President.

Meanwhile, in Israel… Bibi is crushing riots of over 200 000 people in Jerusalem. Protesting the gov.
Ignorance is bliss.

Brush Fire #8

Why did you remove the positive reply?
And my agreement that the UK/western media… BBC is a joke. Was it downvoted that rapidly?

Icarus Tanović

Israel is scared. More than in 2000 or 2006.

Erik Nielsen

200 Israeli bomb attacks per year in 9 years and no one in this world dare to do stop it.
How would that be in your country??

Brush Fire #8

I’d be angry. Though Canada is huge. (And empty) Bomb a few major cities and, it’s gone! Uh-oh!
In fact, I’m disgusted. I can understand the outrage.
It seems the Jewish Semites (Israeli Yid, European migrants) have no concern for other Semites or anyone outside the “Jewish” race.

Isn’t that racism? “The Final Solution” … Israeli’s doing the same thing as the Nazi. With a different colour scheme… *Ring-ring* Hello?


Israelis are NOT Semites. They are KHAZARIAN Ashkenazi mongrels pretending to be Jews

Brush Fire #8

I know all about Khazar’s… Converting to Judaism in the 8th century AD.
That’s why I said Yid/European/Other Semites. The Yid consider themselves Semite’s.
(Antisemitism, major excuses galore)

But they’re not treating certain Arab’s (Semites) or other brown-skinned Jew’s/Semites living in the Middle East. With any respect/concern.

Get over the Propaganda. Israel is an enclave. That most nation’s in the middle east have hated since it’s inception.

Also, if some Jew’s trace their lineage they are Semite’s. Decade’s long genocide? Yes.

Brush Fire #8

The Middle East is going to be the WWIII hot spot. I’d bet my toe. Maybe a finger.
Not Eastern Europe. All the hype. Proxy war’s in the Middle East continue without media coverage.
No longer the USA’s longest war… Since Afg. was 20 years…

‘Nam was slightly shorter… With time, we have information that was not public in the 70’s.
I’m sure it would/will take 50 years for the gritty, Afghan war information to become public.
If we survive without total war for the time…

Paul Hardcastle – 19 (Destruction Remix)

“In WW2 the average age of the combat soldier was 26, in Vietnam it was 19.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Brush Fire #8

Humanity prays for the destruction of the evil, criminal Satanic KhaZar abomination squatting in Palestine.

Brush Fire #8

Palestine is a province created by the Roman’s around 100AD after the Revolt in Judah/Israel.
It was Syria/Palaestina. The Palestine part come’s from “Philistines.”
Who were conquered during the creation of Judah/Israel. 100’s of year’s earlier.
The Roman’s just wanted to rule/conquer/remove the Jewish identity at the time.


75% of Syrians should attack Syria also, then we would be ready to attack kikerael.

But mosshead takes 25% and normalizes with satan(la) and khazar mafias and chemical weapons and blowing up hospitals and destroying entire Cities, and allows faggots to run rampant and spread their poisonous feces.

faggotry is truly traumatic, with only one solution.

Brush Fire #8

You’re obsessed with fags. Have a smoke! Psh!

Brush Fire #8

The “one solution” you speak of… That’s murder. Are you so mad that you’ll kill?
Indoctrination… like the LGBTR2D2+. Except you’re Islamic and you want to kill people instead of ruin their children.

Let them smoke themselves to death.
Bud Light… Ha-ha-ha whoops?! “Let’s alienate our massive customer base. Since we’re already the top selling beer.” I don’t drink beer. But the public response was great.

Brush Fire #8

“faggotry is truly traumatic…”
You mean rampant, terrible, disgusting, dramatically prevalent. (E.S.L.?)
Traumatic? Maybe for the children, or the desperate parent’s trying to save their child, from a life of hell.
It doesn’t traumatize me. It makes me angry/sad.
And murder is not the answer. Read about Ibadi… Oman is doing great, compared to the Saudi Wahabbi’s, Sunni, Shia, exc.

Or better yet. Abandon Islam! That book is so small. With very little substance.
Anyone who reads book’s. Can zip through it in a day. I’ve read multiple versions. (Yes, there is more than one Quran. The early Muslim’s burned varying copies, but it’s been re-written.)

What version of the Quran do you read? I can’t read Arabic. But that doesn’t matter with today’s technology.

Last edited 1 year ago by Brush Fire #8
Biden has AIDS in his mouth

The blood sucking vampires and parasites of the world, the children of Lucifer, zio jews MUST BE STOPPED AND DESTROYED
But on man stands in the way…. POOTIN…his God is Chickenshit Satanyahoo


Israel’s actions will eventually cause WW-3.