Iraqi Resistance Attacks ‘Vital Targets’ In Israel’s Eilat City, Occupied Golan Heights

Iraqi Resistance Attacks 'Vital Targets' In Israel’s Eilat City, Occupied Golan Heights

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, has launched two drone attacks against what it described as vital Israel targets.

Late on May 1, the IRI said in a statement that it had attacked a “vital target” in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. And early on May 2, it announced in a separate statement another attack on a “vital target” in the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat.

The attacks were carried out in response to Israel’s “massacres” against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, according to the group’s statements.

There were reports of drone infiltration warnings or interceptions over the Golan Heights or Eilat in Hebrew media. However, this does not mean that the attacks failed as the Israeli military has the power to censor all news on attacks and security incidents.

The IRI began launching attacks against Israel as well as against United States forces in Iraq and neighboring Syria on October 17 in response to the war on Gaza -which broke out just ten days earlier- and Washington’s unwavering support for it.

The group suspended attacks against U.S. forces last February after the death of three American troops in a drone strike on a base in Jordan, reportedly upon a request from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. However, it escalated attacks against Israel starting from March.

Israel has not openly responded to the IRI’s attacks yet. Yet, it was blamed for several attacks that targeted Iranian-backed armed factions along the Syrian-Iraqi border after the start of the war in Gaza.


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Yehudi Killa

israel looks like a third world country

jens holm

its beacause you live in the dark.


it is a 3rd world country and the 3rd world is the end of the world.

Eilat Brick Shitting Brigade

this morning i had to take a big fat smotrich. the myth of our invincibility is shattered


the world needs to see more and relentless attacks on anything being part of the illegal occupiers of palestine on and on and no end on the attacks. that is what will make people wake up to the crimes of the illegal occupiers in their illegal settlement!!!


the us created the sunni saddam hussein to warm up shiite iran, and they expelled mohammad reza pahlavi, who was also once created by the us, from iran.

then the us lost control of its sunni saddam and eliminated him in 2004!

this made iraq completely shiite and the attacks of today became possible in the first place!

so, special thanks to the usa and its well-thought-out and coordinated foreign policy 🤡 😆😆😆