In Video: Russian Strike Takes Out Radar Of German-Made IRIS-T Air Defense System In Odessa

In Video: Russian Strike Takes Out Radar Of German-Made IRIS-T Air Defense System In Odessa

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The Russian military destroyed a German-made TRML-4D radar of Kiev forces during the May 17 strikes on the Odessa region.

The advanced radar was reportedly deployed near the settlement of Nova Dolyna, to the west of Odessa city. Video footage of the pinpoint strike that completely destroyed the radar was released by Russian news sources on May 19.

On the day of the attack, Kiev forces said that the Russian military launched Iskander-M ground-launched tactical ballistic missiles and three Kh-59/69 air-launched cruise missiles at Odessa. At least one of the missiles hit a facility used to assemble and store searborne suicide drones near the settlement of Dachne to the northwest of Odessa city.

The TRML-4D is a surveillance and target acquisition active electronically scanned array radar with a maximum range of 250 kilometers and the ability to track up to 1,500 targets at the same time. The radar can also differentiate various types of air targets, focusing on high-speed and low-flying cruise missiles, as well as fighter jets and helicopters.

The radar first entered service with Kiev forces in 2022 as a part of the German-made IRIS-T SLM medium-range air defense system. Since then, several radars of this type have been destroyed by the Russian military.

To make up for recent losses, German defense company Hensoldt announced earlier this month that it will supply Ukraine with six more TRML-4D radars by the end of the year.


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Massa John

the german leadership is comporting like rabid dogs with a kill-switch inside. what are they doing with their military stock, industrial complex, social system?

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Shoigu's Clown Army

putin is in shock! ukraine has blown up russia’s most critical ammunition depot!


so they’re already screwed and they’re gonna win tomorrow. those 100 ukrainian soldiers will conquer china.


witzbold. geh zur schule und lerne etwas.

Oh, my

one down and 455 to go, i guess.


ukraine blew up putlers most advanced air defense radar in crimea . why does sf hide news from muscovites of destroyed jets and s-400 on belbek airbase?


that’s right, we must keep the war going. 500.000 dead ukrainians is not enough. im satisfied when that number reaches 25.000.000

now go and die for israel you stupid slave

Last edited 23 days ago by GoyimKnow
I Elensky demand....

i wanna be like israel, where genocide is legal and we own congress. canada’s parliament is not enough. dumb canucks have no money and no army and are american slaves already.

Uncle Sambo's Paper Clip

’tis very true that come the end of wwii we took the most useful and vicious and left canada with sloppy seconds.

gestapo mctrucktaco

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shlomo, better take care of youalikes getting arsekicks day by day from hisbollah and hamas.

gestapo mctrucktaco

n dunnit with radars..

ofihenya jensova holmenko

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what shit is this? that actually shows me nothing. for all i care, that could be some farmer burning bush…or, it could be russian special forces setting a bush fire, knowing they’re transporting a 4d radar system back home…

Smokey the Bear

ah, the burning bush. i smell some abrahamic business afoot.


warmongering germanistan oligarchs, their idiot political hoes and sundry nazi war criminals must not be allowed to crawl back into their rat holes when the rump ukrapper fire is finally put out. russia needs to finish the job it started when it destroyed nazi berlin. this time nazi brussel$ must be destroyed.

Smokey the Bear

whenever anything german appears on the ukrainian steppes, it sends smoke signals up to russian scouts pleading ‘come put me out. i above all others deserve a speedy rout’.

Last edited 23 days ago by Smokey the Bear