Attacks On Civilians Blamed On The Houthis Amid Battlefield Gains


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Attacks On Civilians Blamed On The Houthis Amid Battlefield Gains

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Attacks On Civilians Blamed On The Houthis Amid Battlefield Gains
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The struggle for Ma’rib is escalating, and the recent successes of Ansar Allah threaten all of the military achievements of the Saudi-led coalition.

Riyadh is aware that a military defeat in Yemen will inevitably lead to the destabilization of the situation within the kingdom itself.

November 2nd is the day when the Houthis (Ansar Allah) reveal further details of their Spring of Victory operation, in which the movement wrestled away control of the Al-Jobah and Jabal Murad districts in Ma’rib province.

The first part of the operation was a roaring success.

Currently, 11 out of 14 districts in Ma’rib are in the hands of the Houthis.

Another push is expected in the coming weeks, as finally the strategic, oil-rich city is within reach.

It is the final significant Saudi-led coalition stronghold in central Yemen, and its capture would allow Ansar Allah even more daring operations against their adversary.

Still, as has become customary, every Houthi victory of any sort is accompanied by calls by the “international community” that a humanitarian crisis is impending.

None of these claims accompany the Saudi-led coalition’s bombing campaign and constant ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah.

Recent reports of alleged Houthi attacks on civilians are emerging in line with this operational logic.

Ansar Allah are doing so well, that they would simply work against themselves by bombing civilians, something the Saudi-led coalition has been known to do on more than one single occasion.

Reportedly, a Houthi ballistic missile attack on the Yemeni province of Marib has killed and injured 29 civilians, including women and children.

This was announced by the information ministry of the Saudi puppet government in Aden.

Separately, on October 30th, at least 12 civilians were killed in the airport of the interim capital.

The cause of the blast was unknown.

At least 26 people, including three members of the International Committee of the Red Cross, were killed and scores were wounded when explosions rocked the airport as ministers disembarked from an aircraft.

It wouldn’t be a stretch for the Saudi-led coalition to blame it on the Houthis, yet again.

After all, on the same day, in the city of Taiz three children were killed and three more were seriously injured in alleged mortar fire, also blamed on Ansar Allah.

The Saudi-led coalition, furthermore, attempted to boast that it also had defensive success against the Houthis.

In a statement, the coalition said that airstrikes targeted Ansar Allah fighters and vehicles in the district of al-Jubah in the southern part of Ma’irb as well as in the area of al-Kassarah in the western part of the province.

Reportedly, at least 218 fighters were killed and 24 vehicles were destroyed.

It is likely that this is a heavy exaggeration by Riyadh in order to attempt to boost the tattered morale of those fighting on its behalf.

The Houthis keep pushing, and they seem to be unrelenting this time.

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Rodney Loder.

Saudies love jews and the queer Sid Loder.


This behavior is well known from such regimes for us.

Saudi-Emiratis are on the losing despite all the support and billions upon billions they threw at this aggression. They are murdering civilians day and night in many parts of Yemen, what is to stop them to do it in Ma’rib and blame it on Ansarallah?

Saddam used to do the same. Whenever we beat his army badly and pushed them more inside Iraq, he used chemical weapons on civilians (and also his own). Then they blamed us and the UN also backed his claim!!
It was under overwhelming evidence that the UN “accepted” it was indeed, Saddam and not us.

Chris Gr

So you like Assad while you dislike Saddam despite being the same party and ideology?


It’s not such a bad idea to bring matters in relations to the discussion. Although I very much prefer Dr. Assad to Saddam, nowhere in my comment I mentioned it.

I doubt you being sincere in your question because it’s astonishing a frequent of SF which is also a frequent commenter doesn’t know that, but just for your information, two Ba’ath parties are similar in names only.

Arch Bungle

Everyone knows the Saudis, like the jews, are born liars.

Icarus Tanović

No, no they don’t give a damn about Yemenis UN or Usa. They’ve been silence when f16 massacred, to say only that school buss of Yemeni kids on free teritory that is not controlled by wahhabis/hadis/domestic traitors/arabia saudia/zionists/uae.
They don’t know even theirs names!
They didn’t said it is humanitarian catastrophe in Hudaidah neither!
We shall not bow to Shaitan, to them. No.
We are going foreward. To the liberation of Yemen!

Last edited 2 years ago by Icarus Tanović