Hezbollah Releases Footage Of Two Recent Drone Attacks On Israel, Announces Another

Hezbollah Releases Footage Of Two Recent Drone Attacks On Israel, Announces Another

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Hezbollah’s Military Media has released footage of two recent drone attacks that targeted a key surveillance base and a border site of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The first attack, which took place on May 15, targeted Ilaniya base and damaged Israel’s state-of-the-art Sky Dew high altitude missile defense aerostat. Hezbollah used two suicide drones in the attack. Both appeared to be a twin-tail version of the Iranian-made Ababil-2. One of the drones was intercepted, but the second hit the base.

A suicide drone base on the twin-tail version of the Iranian-made Ababil-2 was also used in the second attack which took place on May 16 and targeted the Metula site. However, the drone was equipped with a camera and armed with two Soviet-era S-5 unguided rockets. The attack wounded three Israeli troops, including one critically, and destroyed a military vehicle.

On May 17, Hezbollah launched another drone attack, this time targeting a newly-established headquarters of the IDF’s 411th Artillery Battalion near the settlement of Ga’aton.

The drone attack was carried out in support of the Palestinian people and resistance in the Gaza Strip as well as in response to recent Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon, the group said in a statement.

The attack was acknowledged by the IDF, which said that several drones were launched by Hezbollah with one being intercepted over the sea and another impacting Ga’aton. No casualties were reported by Hebrew media.

The IDF announced late on May 16 that it had carried out strikes against some ten targets of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

In addition, the IDF claimed responsibility for a drone strike on a vehicle near the towns of Qana and Seddiqine. Two fighters of Hezbollah were killed in the strike. The pair were “en route to carrying out an immediate terror attack” against Israel, the IDF said.

Fighter jets, meanwhile, struck several Hezbollah sites, including a building and an observation post in the town of Mays al-Jabal, another building in the town of Kafr Qila and two more buildings in the towns of Naqoura and Houla, according to the IDF.

Since the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza last October, Hezbollah and its allies began launching near-daily attacks against the IDF in support of the Hamas Movement and other Palestinian armed factions in the Strip.

So far, the border clashes have resulted in ten civilian deaths on the Israeli side, as well as the deaths of at least 14 IDF soldiers and reservists. On the Lebanese side, more than 400 people have been killed, including 283 fighters of Hezbollah and at least 70 civilians.


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Emanuel Gomes Bueno - Brasil

esse ataque é uma humilhação total para israel.