Hezbollah Kills Israeli Soldier In Drone Attack, Hits Iron Dome Launcher With Guided Missile (Videos)

Hezbollah Kills Israeli Soldier In Drone Attack, Hits Iron Dome Launcher With Guided Missile (Videos)

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An Israeli reserve soldier was killed and at least ten others were wounded on June 5 when Hezbollah attacked a deployment point of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) near the settlement of Hurfeish in northern Israel.

Hezbollah said that the drone attack was carried out in support of the Palestinian people and resistance in Gaza as well as as a response to recent Israeli strikes on Lebanon, including an one on June 4 in the southern town of Naqoura that left one of its fighters dead.

Eli Bin, director-general of Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service, told Channel 12 news a few hours after the attack that 11 people were wounded, including one in critical condition, who later died.

The IDF acknowledged the death of a soldier in the attack on June 6 morning, revealing that he was serving in the Alon Brigade’s 5030th Battalion as a Military Rabbinate coordinator.

No sirens were sounded in Hurfeish, which is located a few kilometers away from the border with Lebanon, during the attack. The IDF said it was investigating why they didn’t work. According to initial military assessments, two drones impacted the deployment point within a few minutes of each other.

Following the attack, the military announced that it had carried out strikes against a series of Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.

The IDF said that the targets included Hezbollah infrastructure in Naqoura and the town of Matmoura, buildings used by the group in the town of Ayta al-Shaab and an observation post in the town of Khiam. Israeli troops also shelled a number of areas in southern Lebanon with artillery to “remove threats,” the IDF added.

The attack was one of ten carried out by Hezbollah against the IDF on June 5. Early the next day, the group’s Military Media released video footage showing an attack on an Israeli communication vehicle in the Har Addir site from June 3 and another that targeted a launcher of the Iron Dome air defense system in the Ramot Naftali barracks on June 5. Both pieces of equipment were targeted with Iranian-made Almas anti-tank guided missiles.

Since the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza last October, Hezbollah and its allies began launching near-daily attacks against the IDF in support of the Hamas Movement and other armed factions in the Strip.

The border clashes have so far resulted in ten civilian deaths on the Israeli side, as well as the deaths of at least 15 IDF soldiers and reservists. On the Lebanese side, more than 400 people have been killed, including 312 fighters of Hezbollah and at least 80 civilians.


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southfront can traducce the writings in videos from arabic to english. the videos have arabic explanations, i want to can understand them !

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