Global Research: Mounting Censorship of Independent Media

Global Research: Mounting Censorship of Independent Media

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Dear SF readers,

We would like to share with you the appeal of our friends from Global Research. On our part, SouthFront expresses its deep gratitude and full support to the Team and all the authors of Global Research.

We are living a major Worldwide crisis and at the same time we are living history. Over the past few months, independent media – including Global Research – has felt the sting of increased online censorship, in the form of a crackdown on news that challenges official government narratives.

Truth in media is a powerful instrument. On September 9, 2021, Global Research commemorated its 20th anniversary.

Despite media censorship, thanks to our core readers, Global Research has expanded its reach to more than 100,000 page views a day.

Global Research articles, however, are no longer picked up by the main search engines. What this means is that important articles in our extensive archive (since September 2020) of more than 100,000 articles are not easily accessible to our readers.

Referral of our articles through sharing, forwarding, posting on blog sites as well as crossposting have contributed to our objective of reaching out to a large readership worldwide.

At this juncture, we must ensure that truth in media and freedom of expression prevail.

If you are in a position to donate 5-10 minutes of your day, we would be forever grateful. Here are some ways you could help:

Establish an email list of some fifty friends and family and forward the daily Global Research Newsletter and/or your favourite Global Research articles to this list on a daily basis.

Use the various instruments of online posting and social media creatively to “spread the word”. Click the “like” and “share” buttons on our articles’ pages for starters. Help keep our articles circulating.

Post one or more Global Research articles on your blogs as well as internet discussion groups to build a dialogue around our coverage. Submit Global Research articles on independent media and partner websites.

Do you have friends who would benefit from our articles? Consider encouraging them to sign up for our newsletter (click here for sign-up form).

Are you part of a community group or organized webinar discussion group? Submit a topic we have covered or a specific article from our website for discussion at your next webinar meeting.

Five to ten minutes a day. Let us know how you are proceeding. Feel free to send feedback to

If you are pressed for time but would like to support Global Research as part of our September- October donation campaign, please consider making a donation, becoming a member, or purchasing a book from our online store.

Click to donate to Global Research or become a member

Visit online bookstore.

Thank you for supporting independent media.

The Global Research Team

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Excellent initiative. Many sites that expose the criminal behavior of the top 1℅ must be defended.

People must learn to stop supporting corporate social media/business like fb, twitter, instagram, amazon etc.

Switch from epsteins/maxwells long time friend gates OS, to Linux OS.


jens holm

G. R. is like dentists putting rubble in bread.