Four Civilians Killed In Artillery Shelling In Eastern Ukraine

Four Civilians Killed In Artillery Shelling In Eastern Ukraine

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Four civilians have been killed as a result of an artillery strike on the Kiev-controlled village of Avdeyevka in eastern Ukraine, the press center of Ukraine’s military operation in Donbass said on Saturday.

Avdeyevka is located south of the city of Donetsk that is a capital of the self-proclaimed People’s Republica of Donetsk (DPR). The area between Avdeyevka and Donetsk faces sporadic firefights and artillery duels on a constant basis despite the attempts to implement a ceasefire agreement in the area.

The Kiev side blamed DPR forces for the civilian casualties.

In turn, the DPR command said that the incident is another provocation by the Ukrainian side.

“It is another provocation ordered by the commander of the Donetsk operations and tactical group with involvement of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade, the Right Sector (a far right group banned in Russia), Ukraine’s National Guard along with foreign media outlets in the run-up to the Minsk talks,” the Donetsk news agency quoted a DPR military spokesperson as saying. “The 72nd brigade opens fire on the DPR position, whereas the Right Sector is shelling Avdeyevka and foreign media are recording.”

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Expo Marker

Whatever happened to the Minsk agreement…

Hans Van der Voorde

Trusting the US that’s what happened.