It flies, and it snoops: Norway’s pricey F-35s caught sending ‘sensitive data’ to US

It flies, and it snoops: Norway’s pricey F-35s caught sending ‘sensitive data’ to US

FILE PHOTO: The first three F-35 fighter jets ordered by Norway’s Air Force arrive in Oerland Main Air Station, near Trondheim, Norway © Norsk Telegrambyra AS / Reuters

Originally appeared at RT

Norway’s new F-35 fighter jets boast an impressive array of high-tech gadgetry, but Norwegian defense officials were surprised to learn of one unadvertised feature: the pricey plane relays sensitive data back to its US manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force recently received the first three of the 40 F-35 fighter jets it ordered from Lockheed Martin. Major General Morten Klevar, the director of Norway’s F-35 program, has described the fabled fighter jet as “crucial to the continued modernization of our armed forces and our ability to preserve Norwegian and allied security and interests.”

But while pouring billions of dollars into the troubled jet, the Scandinavian nation may have got more than it bargained for.

Norway is the first foreign country to acquire the F-35 mission data file from the US Air Force’s (USAF) 53rd Electronic Warfare Group’s Partner Support Complex – software which allows the aircraft to perform its primary missions and provides the pilot with “an extraordinary situational awareness”. But Norwegian defense officials soon discovered that their fancy fleet of F-35s also automatically transmit sensitive data to Lockheed Martin’s servers in Fort Worth, Texas, after each flight.

“Due to national considerations, there is a need for a filter where the user nations can exclude sensitive data from the data stream that is shared by the system with the manufacturer Lockheed Martin,” said Defense Ministry senior consultant Lars Gjemble, as cited by Norway’s ABC Nyheter.

Although Gjemble hailed the F-35 as a major upgrade for Norway’s air capabilities, he also stressed that the data being beamed to Fort Worth could potentially compromise the security of the pilot, likening Lockheed’s data leeching to “information your iPhone shares with the manufacturers.”

Norway has committed to buying 40 F-35 fighter jets, and is expected to purchase an additional 12, altogether totaling NOK 67.9 billion ($8.36 billion). Some of the details surrounding the deal have already raised eyebrows. In what has been described as a “blunder of epic proportions,” it was revealed earlier in November that the pricey aircraft will be housed in tents until proper hangars can be constructed – a project expected to be completed in 2020.

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Nowadays, people pay a lot to be spied. Just like Iphone or Samsung, very expensive spies smartphones.

Politolog Externista

its no smartphone, its sp-yphones. It demonstrates how it is perverted, I mean, the rich, in order to make money, they deceive that being spied on is for your safety. And they even make a ton of money selling your personal information, then on top of that they want a lot of money for the spying platform, which, is upside down logic. If you want them spying and you agree, then those devices should come very cheaply because they make money off espionage, so you provide them with valuable information. On the other hand non sp-yphones should come with a non spy software and hardware, including its operating system. Since they dont make a lot of money you pay for what you get. That satanic logic is hilarious, enslave and extort. People buying their crap are in many ways addicted to their stuff in many ways and forms, the sellers know this and exploit them. Same mechanics work in idol making gaming industry. You dont need games, they make you a slave, an addict, then increase prices because you are not your master then … and if theyre too pricey, too bad, any pirating of that useless stuff they make you a thief. At least they wish. If you buy their idols, they spy on you the very same way that crappy F-35.

Daniel Castro

Buying f-35 is like signing a certificate of subordination…


Beautifully stated.




The got exactly what they paid for.

I did a bit of calculations which doesn’t include Russian or Chinese jets.
F-35 – $209 million each
Eurofighter – $140 million each
Rafael – $200 million each
Saab Gripen – $60 million each

Purchase of the last three would help the Europe’s economy too and are unlikely to spy on Norway.

Tommy Jensen

Sukhoi S-35 – $35 million each. The top of the pop is the cheapest!

Solomon Krupacek

we like bentley and not fiat


Bentley is a larger car than fiat but SU 35 is a larger multi role jet than the Junk F35.

SU 35 is larger, faster, good manurable, durable and economical in operation. I myself prefer SU-35 than PAK FA and F-22 but F-35 is completely a junk fighter. F-22 is better than F-35 but F-22 is not better than SU-35.


Bentley are now just a vastly overpriced ‘luxury’ consumer brand division of the Volkswagen corporation, designed to leverage the maximum price point out of the market based on a long gone, long sold off, English hand-built reputation. Oh, and Bentley just use BMW engines sourced from same parent Volkswagen corporation, making Bentley’s incredibly expensive badge engineered vehicles.

Solomon Krupacek

hahaha, ruskie! tell us, which original ruskie car is comparable with bentley? oh gosh, you have nothing? ok, tehn tell us, which russian car is comparable with volkswagen passat?. :P


Really – that’s what you came back with…that’s your level…?

Solomon Krupacek

the main problem is, russia is not able to produce normal industrial products. and so will be fall, because cannot exist long time on gas and oil production.


Actually, any country that can independently design, finance and actually build, serious military hardware of the caliber of the Su-30/34/35, Armata armor platforms, and a large range of formidable offensive and defensive missile systems from the RSM-56 to the S-500 is not to be taken lightly. The US produces very serious and advanced hardware, but so to does Russia – they are the nearest independent peer military producer. Any insistence on denying this fact simply flies in the face of statements and counter-design briefs by the US military itself – that considers Russia to be their nearest independent peer hardware producer.

Solomon Krupacek

problem is, that you see only one timepoint, the static. i se the development, the dynamics. and this development is not good for russia. russian businessman plan invest money in saudi silicon valley near egyptian-jordanian border. in such situation, that russia has no single one own silicon valley.
for high level industry is necessary to have thousands of little and middle firms. siemens has 30 000!!! suppliers. in russia should be 20-50 000 of such firms. but they are not exist. and will not. russia is not able to develope own chips, processors. and if somebody creats something interesting, there is no industrial background for mass production. as more complicate is the technology, as less number are produce the russian indistry. both, civil and military. you can see clearly. planes: where before were hundreds, now dozens. where were thousands (e.g. interceptors), now hundreds. this is the reason, why russia/ussr has naver enough planes, has onnly few helicopters (in comparison to other countries). also from armata tanks plan only few hundreds. in all categories of weapons need 10x more, than planned. but the russian industry is not able to pruduce in large amounts.
and why? because the corruption is giant. this is the anchor, which puls russia/ussr already from early beginning. stalin was the only one, who destroyed. but he created unusable commie sytem.

Gary Sellars

No-one cares what Russia-hating jews like….

Solomon Krupacek



Norway, as a Yankee vassal, must pay for its vassalage. Thus, Norway sends money to Wall Street bankers, and gets overpriced junk. Now, Norway pays to be spied upon. Very nice.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Reminds me of Norwegian personalities. They spy and they snoop on others. The feel the world owes them something, then all that have done is be racist bigots to others. Invading and genocided indigenous Scottish and indigenous Irish and indigenous English and so on.
English people us to be good. Till they were racially replaced by Norwegians 900 years ago.
Since then all that the UK led by genetic-Norwegians has been known for is murder and conquest of others and ultimately genocide of indigenous tribes.


Norwegians were some of the most enthusiastic Teutons in the last war, until they saw whuch way the wind was blowing. Once a fascist, always a fascist, especially when pretending to be progressive.


It really is an ugly fat looking Jet…..not surprised it’s inferior to Russian 4th GEN Fighters.


The pilot has outstanding situational awareness, just can’t do anything about it. How gay is that?

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

F35 Flying pork shop it make Norway look like cooked pork shop.

Gary Sellars

F-35 has astounding real-time situational awareness…. so that Lockheed Martin HQ can watch Ruskie AAMs impact their creations and can follow their flaming wrecks all the way to impact…


if these aircraft are detectable, its going to be the biggest waste of money in history!