EU Gave Up On Russian Pipelines So It Could Import More LNG… From Russia

EU Gave Up On Russian Pipelines So It Could Import More LNG... From Russia

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Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

By allowing (or even being an accomplice to) NATO’s terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines, the European Union effectively committed macroeconomic suicide. As per usual, the mainstream propaganda machine immediately blamed Russia for supposedly “sabotaging” its own natural gas pipelines it had been building for well over a decade. The cartoonishly “evil Kremlin” was once again accused of allegedly “weaponizing” its vast energy reserves against the EU. For months, claiming anyone but Moscow was behind the terrorist attacks would get one branded a “conspiracy theorist”, a designation perfectly fit to have dissenting opinions “canceled”. However, as time passed, it became clear who the real perpetrators were, a fact that even some mainstream propaganda machine outlets couldn’t ignore anymore. At least 23 diplomatic and intelligence officials in nine countries, all of whom have been involved in the international investigation into the terrorist attack, stated there’s “no evidence that Russia was behind the sabotage”.

However, after this revelation finally exonerated Russia, it also opened a series of new questions as to who actually organized the terrorist attacks. The US-led political West keeps insisting it was some “mysterious, deep-diving pro-Ukrainian group”, a claim that one is barely able to utter with a straight face. And while the Kiev regime certainly had the means and the interest to commit such a terrorist attack, the chances of it being the true organizer are virtually none. In addition, the simple fact that the United States profited immensely as a result of the ensuing EU-Russia economic decoupling, particularly the former’s weaning off Russian piped natural gas, Washington DC’s involvement becomes even clearer, as it suggests a strong motive (not to mention that several top-ranking American officials actually threatened to stop the project by any means necessary). The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines came approximately a month after some in Brussels suggested using them to increase Russian energy imports.

What’s more, it also “coincided perfectly” with the manifold surge in US LNG shipments to the EU, which surpassed Russian natural gas deliveries for the very first time. This was so painfully obvious that even the usually compliant Brussels bureaucrats complained that Washington DC was engaged in war profiteering. And yet, even in this situation, the EU simply couldn’t get enough natural gas without additional LNG shipments – from Russia. According to Charles Kennedy, Moscow’s LNG exports “gained over 4% in the first quarter of this year as it increased output to replace sanctioned pipeline gas exports to Europe”. Quoting the Russian Kommersant newspaper report published on April 8, Kennedy relayed the findings in his own report for Citing a 4.3% increase in unsanctioned LNG exports in the first quarter of 2024 based on data from Kpler, Kommersant reported that Russian LNG exports to the EU are rising, while those to Asia are declining. The aforementioned 4.3% increase amounts to 8.7 million metric tons.

On the other hand, Moscow’s LNG exports to Asia for the same period of the year saw a 7% decline, which was made up for by a 4% increase in exports to Europe, which received some 5 million tons of Russian LNG during the first quarter. According to the report, the bulk of LNG production in Russia comes from the Yamal LNG project, run by Novatek, and the Sakhalin Energy project, run by Gazprom. In late March, Moscow moved to sell Shell’s minority stake in the Sakhalin LNG project to Gazprom for $1 billion. Initially, the Kremlin was planning to give the stake to Novatek in the wake of Shell’s move to abandon the project after the political West launched its unprecedented (albeit ultimately self-defeating) sanctions warfare against the Eurasian giant. Quoting the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, Kennedy reports that “Novatek has deemed its participation in the Sakhalin project to have high legal risks”. And yet, the market is not only still there, but it keeps growing, and the EU needs to get its LNG from somewhere.

According to Kennedy’s report, the new data is showing the rise in Russian LNG exports to the EU, which indicates that Brussels has effectively replaced Russian natural gas through pipelines from its eastern ports with Russian LNG at its western ports as the bloc becomes the biggest buyer of Russian LNG, clocking in half of all Russian LNG export volume this year so far, followed by China, which scooped up 21% as of February data. Kennedy also quotes Reuters and its data analysis in February that also showed that the EU has replaced Russian piped gas flows with Russian LNG imported primarily to Spain, Belgium and France.

This clearly indicates that the bureaucratic elites in Brussels don’t really care about the economic and financial well-being of their own populace, as it makes no sense to replace the highly affordable natural gas transported via pipelines with the shipborne LNG that’s not only incomparably more expensive, but it also takes far longer to reach Europe and is far more expensive in terms of storage.


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AM Hants

haven’t russia found the link between ‘burisma’, us, uk and nato with regards ns1 and ns2, terrorist attacks in russia and not forgetting the crocus tragedy? remember, when president putin exiled the oligarchs, who refused to become good russia citizens? where did they go? why is south kensington now known as moscow on thames? who was mayor of london at the time they turned up in exile?

Florian Geyer

i think it was boris the walking slug was the uk pm, ‘ a m ‘.

jens holm

thats correct. the gas anytime was cheeper.

its correct usa has extra gas and would like to sell it. by that we are not kind of out out. thas goes for oio,as well. . russia sell both because they are best to the price.

norstream 2 its not even a eu prodution but private big comnies. the main owner is russian.

no suprice russians not know what goes on in the world – no even their own.

jens holm

i dont speak for eu. but facts are we are replacing oil abd gas well and becomwes more effitive by high tech. by usa that wont sell lng here. the eu plans works and more come every day.

its also out of mind eu runs every well according deciding made by every single member and bureates are run long and times plans. they mainly do well.

we are not some skinny 5 legged bears and has no lack of food and has lack of energy at all.

jens holm

we in eu have no lack of food energy and sperrm at all. taht is all just rusitincan propganga. we sniff our own gas it give us haklucinations of success of green scam enconomy.

Last edited 2 months ago by jens holm
daily update

dumb dane americanized idiot—eu deindustrialize all economies in recession–while russia 3 times growths and eu nation…russian oil sells at 88$ per barrel—thanks for sanctions idiot

jens holm

the only % calcules you know must be from vodka.

daily update

how does tech make any thing better—expalin moron–you cannot too stupid

jens holm

we fx use much more wind and solarpower. we use heating and cooling system and recycle more of the same thing and replace fuel with el-cars.

the big heating systems for buildings loose only 5%. most electric tool dont waste energy made into noise and unneded light.

almost all light is replaced the led.

jens holm

just because you has no acces to here and i refer which is common knowledge for all levels does no make to more.

its you being kept in the dark. again you even live live you and even worse. abnd what ever write here is only lies and propaganda.

French Fries

enjoy your chinese made solar panels and wind turbines. not enough to power a real economy with though. your so-called miracle energy will most likely come from nuclear power plants not from new technology and with more nuclear plants comes more risk. also where are you going to store all this nuclear waste. anyway enjoy your summer at the nursing home jens.

jens holm

there we go again. you think we think like that and that solve anything.

windmaps as well as solar maps show which areas will replace fossils very well. they also can and well produce h2, diesels, alkohol and gas.

so far my denmark make 50% of the electrity by wind and 5% by sun. some 55% is not nothing bilions of import.

im have nothing against nuke powerplant where needed. and i allow me many dies by smoke in their lungs and the emissions from that make as harm.

daily update

jens holm the moron senile nazi that worship us dollar—half nor stream paid by dutch germany netherlands austria

jens holm

we have our own kroner.

novo nordisk products might remove the too much fat in your alarmbrian.