Crocodile Tears Of Russian State-Funded Platform That Censored SouthFront

Crocodile Tears Of Russian State-Funded Platform That Censored SouthFront

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Big Bad SouthFront – the right hand of the Kremlin and the Pillar of Russia’s Disinformation (at least according to the US leadership) – is being censored by Russian platforms with state-linked capital.

It is interesting to see how our fan club in mainstream outlets, the State Department and the Department of the Treasury will react to this. However, most likely, they will prefer to ignore this as this does not fit their fairy tales-styled narrative about SouthFront.

Here you go:

On May 7, SouthFront already published a post informing you that accounts of SouthFront Team registered on Russian state-funded donation platforms were blocked.

This hostile act was undertaken by subsidiaries of Group. The major shareholder in Group is Russia’s state-owned bank Sberbank (Sberbank of Russia). This banking and financial services company is the largest one in Russia.

One of these platforms, that accidentally find out that SouthFront does not fit their ‘terms of service’, is Donation Alerts. We immediately sent complains regarding this decision to the platform and finally received the answer on May 13, which claimed that “Account replenishment is blocked due to violation of Terms of service”. The formal pretext for this move was that SouthFront is no more using mainstream video platforms to share its videos and focuses on its website.

The funny part is that in February 2021 and September 2019 Donation Alerts already requested information about SouthFront activities on the platform and in both cases Donation Alerts Team found no violations of Terms of Service. However, something has apparently changed. The company with a Russian state-linked capital and existing in the Russian jurisdiction just opted to join the censorship campaign against SouthFront.

Here you can find SouthFront’s official answer to Donation Alerts Team:


SouthFront is not using and has never used Donation Alerts as a wallet as well is not using and has never used Donation Alerts to sell any services.

As we wrote in our previous response, SouthFront currently uses its own website ( as a video platform. Examples of video content that we stream on the website were attached to our previous response. SouthFront’s YouTube channel is currently not active as Google has been participating in the wide-scale censorship campaign against SouthFront Team.

We once again recall that in February 2021 and September 2019, you already requested data regarding SouthFront activities on the platform and got responses to all your questions. In both cases, Donation Alerts Support confirmed that SouthFront activities on the platform are in full compliance with Donation Alerts Terms of Service. (See tickets QLL-814-52786 and UKL-398-31056). Since then, the core of SouthFront activities on the platform has not changed.

Donation Alerts belongs to Russian company with state-linked capital – Group – and thus is in the Russian jurisdiction. SouthFront is not subjected to any restrictions in the Russian jurisdiction.

Therefore, we have two questions:

1) Does your response mean that Donation Alerts’ decision regarding suspending of SouthFront’s account is politically motivated?

2) Does this mean that if SouthFront resumes activity on YouTube or any another mainstream video platform, Donation Alerts will restore SouthFront’s account?

SouthFront Team demands Donation Alerts to restore our account on the platform and restore the ability of people to make donations to SouthFront immediately.

We also inform Donation Alerts that SouthFront considers all our correspondence public and will work to draw attention of the international audience to this situation. SouthFront is also ready to defend its interests in the Russian court.

Best regards,
SF Team


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Kiss the Ring

Putinyahoo wasn’t pleased! He realised his 4D chess fan numbers were plummeting.


Only southfront remains as a source to tell what happens in the world not even the damn Russian government goes wild, shame, shame on them. They can go kill Biden ass as for that matter, it doesn’t; matter theater there was any incompetence in the Russian gov., but what they doing is disgusting. I have no other independent source to tell me what is going on around the world southfront is the only one for me, to tell me faster than any mainstream media and any other independent news outlet what is happening. SF you are been the victim of idiocy. Keep your wings open forever never fold them down. You were hit too much since these rich nasty Wallstreet globalists came to power in the US and doing everything to silence them in the world. With respect to them screw them. Keep your work, if your work was not important believe me no one would have wanted to silence SF. You matter that’s why they going wild.


It’s probably Israeli owned, located in Russian jurisdiction. You don’t need to be a genius to find that out…

How is this surprising? The neoliberal Putinist regime in Russia is hardly a bastion of antiNATOism, no matter what Putin cultists would prefer to imagine.

I have been saying this again and again, and I’m not the only one: if you expect Putin to do anything but obey the diktats of his neoliberal oligarch owners (he only punished those who were against him), then you’re barking up the wrong tree.


I really don’t understand russian government(S) and their constant attempt to be “partners” with their enemies. They tried to be partners with Napoleon, Brits, Hitler, Reagan…
Don’t negotiate with terrorists. Look at China, they just don’t give a f*ck for western bs.


Sberbank has abided by the NWO rules – Hey, the owner doesn’t have a hard core Russian name – and the Russian part of that bank has kissed the US/NWO ass also. Do the Zionists own Sberbank ??? But let’s be clear herar Sberbank is one really good local bank. But then we have President Putin says he wants to dump the dollar – Sberbank has stopped the dollar transfers – 2 + years ago for me any ways. Has South Front changed their donations to rubles ? Because there is very few transactions in Russia when it comes to Dollars , unless its BOA Commercial and they deal with the big oil and gaz companies only. You have a really hard time finding dollars in Ru. unless you know which bank o mat has them – Oh ya FU Intell guys reading this – you are the reason the USA has failed and you will be the targets – someday.

The Truth

Unlike China, Russia always had problem with its elites infiltrated by Jews : not totally in control like in the west but still very powerful .

Tommy Jensen

As I said, Russia will do everything to be an equal partner to an American. Everything.
Sberbank’s CEO was crying when the State Department kicked him out, that he loved Colorado Springs and couldnt live without it.
If Russia want to be an equal partner to an American, they must fight as an American for what we believe in, in freedom!


*we believe in freedom to be multigendered!

Zion Ion

Listen to Herman Gref (Sberbank CEO) talking about how afraid he is of the idea of giving power to the people:
(in russian, german subtitles)


First of all, a big thank you to Southfront for improving the comments section and making it a whole lot easier to read.

As for the ban by group, it’s obvious it’s about US Sanctions. I understand why they would do that… protect the larger entity, but sooner rather than later Russia is going to be cut off by SWIFT……..and they will want to make sure their prepared for that.

Simon Ndiritu

The real shortfall of Rusia is that it never makes a stand, or never seams to do until its too late. Countries that would wish to identify with RF may not no what it stands. This is particularly alarming for the country with resources, technology and industrious people like Russia.


You say “you’d love my thoughts”… But when I attempt to put them down for all to see you vet it and censor it completely. So please be thoughtful and don’t put down what you don’t really mean.
I would donate to SouthFront but what is the point when you refuse to put critical information out there that can educate those that are either on the “fence”, or completely ignorant of the facts? Thought you were the real deal -but I guess not!… You’re as bad as the banks and government you are crying foul over that you claim are muzzling you!