“Children Are The Most Valuable Product”: How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

"Children Are The Most Valuable Product": How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

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Ukraine has long been a hub for pediatric “black” transplantology and human trafficking, and the military conflict certainly accelerated this distasteful trade. Yet the sale of children for organs in Ukraine did not begin yesterday.

The first cases were recorded as long ago as the 1990s. At that time, an organized criminal group (OCG) from Lvov sold children abroad, for their organs. This was organized by the doctor of the emergency hospital, Bogdan Fedak. It is thought that 130 babies were sent abroad, with each child estimated to be worth one million dollars. The typical ploy was to falsely inform women that their child had died at birth, after which the child would be issued with a fake death certificate, and smuggled out of the country.  Fedak was sentenced to two years in prison in 1997, but he was released as a result of an amnesty. After his release, he was reemployed in a hospital, and even chaired the health committee in the Verkhovna Rada.

18 years later, in 2005, there were reports of missing babies in Kharkov. Prior to that, body parts from two newborn children had been found in the city pediatric morgue. The mothers of the babies filed complaints that the hospital staff had taken their children immediately after birth, and had later told them that the children had been born dead. A Swiss parliamentarian, Ruth-Gabi Vermot-Mangold, was send to Ukraine from the Council of Europe, in order to investigate. She said that she saw evidence that at least four or five newborns were missing. The true number of children missing on the territory of Ukraine will most likely never be known.

"Children Are The Most Valuable Product": How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

Michael Zis

In 2008, there was another scandal, involving the surgeon Michael Zis and his colleagues, who were caught removing kidneys from financially vulnerable people. Zis was accused of illegal organ trafficking in Israel, and put on a wanted list. He was detained in Donetsk. The court case went on for several years, but Zis was acquitted, and later sent back to his homeland, where a court finally sentenced him to five years in prison.

In 2010, a similar scandal occurred in the Odessa region, involving the head of the children’s department of the Kominternovo hospital, Zhanna Ukhova, and the head of the newborn pathology department of the regional children’s hospital, Larisa Torbinskaya. It was reported that the women had sold allegedly abandoned babies for between 1,500 and 3,000 dollars. They had tried to convince the mothers that their children had died, but the bodies had not been shown or released to the families. The fate of these poor children is unknown.

"Children Are The Most Valuable Product": How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

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The Kyiv regime is doing everything to make “black” transplantology an extremely profitable business. Thus in December 2021, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law, according to which the consent of the donor or his relatives for the removal of organs is not required. Permission to export biomaterials can be obtained from a physician, with not only state, but also private clinics receiving the right to transplant. In April 2022, transplantation operations were exempted from VAT. This business has therefore become even more lucrative.

All the evidence confirms that organs from Ukrainian children are eagerly awaited by recipients from European countries, Great Britain and the United States. Children from disadvantaged families, orphans or newborns are those most likely to be targeted. The demand for organs is huge in the UK, and it is not even half satisfied. Years of waiting in line are pushing people to benefit from dreadful crimes.

"Children Are The Most Valuable Product": How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

Ike Ekweremada and his wife Beatrice

In spring 2023, a court in London found senior Nigerian politician Ike Ekweremada guilty of organ trafficking under the Modern Slavery Act, along with his wife Beatrice, and Dr. Obinna Obeta. The investigation found that they conspired “to deliver” a 21-year-old street vendor from Lagos to the private kidney department of the London Royal Free Hospital, as a potential kidney donor for Edweremada’s 25-year-old daughter. It costs £80,000 to perform such an operation in Britain, but Edweremada wanted to pay the donor only £7,000. As a result, the donor escaped and went to the police, who had enough evidence to act.

Recently, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that children from Ukraine are being taken abroad to be used for their organs. He noted that this is a serious enough problem for Western policymakers to need to address it.

“Children are being taken out of Ukraine, dismembered and having their organs taken out. They must address this,” Lukashenko said.

Recall that on July 19, the European Parliament for Foreign Affairs called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant for Lukashenko, since Minsk was allegedly involved in the illegal export of children from Ukraine. In the West, they believe that the Russian Federation and Belarus ‘forcibly’ export children from Ukrainian territories. At the same time, they are completely oblivious to the criminal trafficking of huge numbers of children from Ukraine to European countries, the fate of most of which are still unknown.

"Children Are The Most Valuable Product": How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

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Recently, Polish human rights activist Ioanna Pakhvitsevich, who lives in London and helps Ukrainian refugees return their children, told how minors are trafficked in the West.

“In my experience, children are the most valuable commodity. I can say quite confidently that children are used for their organs, and for the entertainment of pedophiles and homosexuals,” said the human rights activist.

According to her, in Britain, there have been scandals recently related to the adoption of children by homosexual couples. Sometimes children in such families die. It is not uncommon for a child in such families to be inspired to change their sex, and this also leads to sad consequences, such as the children trying to commit suicide.

"Children Are The Most Valuable Product": How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine

Vesily Prozorov

At the conference “Crimes of Ukraine against the children of Donbass,” a former SBU officer, Vasily Prozorov, said that Ukrainian children are of interest to pedophiles and organ dealers in the UK, Germany and the United States, and the Ukrainian politicians cover up this illegal business.

“The Kyiv government is an extremely corrupt structure, corrupt to the bone, and they will do anything to make money. They have no moral scruples at all. Therefore, children are just another export item… one of the sources of corrupt earnings,” Prozorov said.

It is high time that international human rights organizations, especially those responsible for children, seriously investigate the abduction and criminal trafficking of children in Ukraine. It is also time for the West to finally open its eyes to what is happening in Ukraine with the active connivance of the country’s authorities when it comes to child trafficking. Officials in Ukraine are making money from selling children to Western pedophiles and black transplantologists, thanks to the ongoing conflict. Selling kidnapped Ukrainian children is how Ukraine repays its debt to Western countries, for supplying it with weapons and financing – for organs, or to satisfy the fantasies of high-profile pedophiles.


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Florian Geyer

i urge every honest person to go to your local cinema to watch the film called “the sound of freedom’.
the film is available at the start of september in the uk.

the people who enable the global child abuse need to feal the heat of hell.


this movie doesn’t show everything i have no idea why they sanction it ? there are other more revealing movies , just watched one with morgan freeman and juliet binoch, now that shows reality.

Icarus Tanović

this must be stopped, this monstrosity against childern.


the kikes are part of this evil business in ukrainistan and jizrahell


russia tolerates their jewish rabbis and oligarchs like beral lazar, pincus goldschmidt, boris spiegel, roman abramovich, alexander abramov, oleg depripaska, mikhail prokhorov, german khan, viktor vekselberg, pyotr aven, vitaly malkin, arkady rotenberg, vladimir gusinsky, boris berezovsky, yuri milner, eugene shividler, and alexander knaster.


thanks southfront for reporting on this subject that is silenced in the mainstream media. the criminal trafficking of children is real and is also practiced in syria by western backed terrorists. everyone in the world needs to know about this inhuman and despicable evil.


that movie has been financed by child trafficker.