BREAKING: New War in Europe Can Begin Today

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Daniel Martin

I hope that sanity will prevail with the crazies in Washington? And why do i say Washington instead of Kiev is simply because this is orchestrated from the highest levels of in Washington and Pentagon since Ukraine is their colony.


Is someone that still doubt about the Lavrov s traitor role.Once again try to stop the advance of Russian allies in the battlefield.

John Whitehot

actually, the doubt is that you’re zionist paid troll whining like the little whores all those people are.

Daniel Martin

Agreed, Washington Times says military cuts are inevitable, unskilled workers like Trolls to be cut first.

888mladen .

At the beginning of the conflict in East Ukraine Duma transferred all the powers over RU army to Mr Putin. Russian troupes were ready to cross into East Ukraine and restore legitimate government of Mr Janukovic to power. US and NATO were not able to do anything to save their newly installed Nazi regime in Kiev. However Mr Putin has decided not to. And that’s where we are now. Huge NATO troupes amassed on the RU borders with missile shield fully operational. So what was the point? To avoid the arm conflict? It looks like he’ll have it anyway with all disadvantages. It will be so much more difficult to defend RU than what it was before the NATO build up on its borders.


Not only that, but support Kiev junta with discount gas, oil and coal calling even them partners. Russian people started to get tired with opurtunist Putin, Less than fifty present went to vote in last manipulate election. Putin has the same masters like Clinton. Strelkov in order to make Russia great again.


Maybe. But Putin does not operate in a vacuum, he needs to be mindful the Russian economy is part of international system. Kiev owes Russia 3 billion dollars and Putin knows that if any hope of getting it back he has to play a token diplomatic nice game. Likewise the EU was putting up an anti trust case against Gazprom for last 5 years and he had to play nice with Brussels a little too, hence last Aleppo ceasefire during negotiations. Putin cannot control everything, he has to play the hand he holds, and he does pretty decent job of juggling and holding off the crazed DC Nuland types, who are virulently anti Russian, ‘US exceptionalism’ neo-cons.

888mladen .

You can’t juggler forever can you? First of all Putin comes from intelligence community. That doesn’t have much to do with real warfare. That’s all about undercover operations. And they have their limitations which is clearly seen in the conflict in Syria. Secondly the most people who post their comments are not aware of oligarchical structure of the shadow government in Russia and Ukrain. Basically they’ve been cut of the same cloth, Their dealings have been so intermingled that the border between them hardly makes any difference. My proof battle for Mariupol. Batman’s brigade Vostok was at the verge of capturing it which would provide conveniently a corridor from Novorussia to Crimea. However the whole operation was suddenly halted and the brigade Vostok was disarmed. Not long after Batman, the commander of the battalion was assassinated. The assassins knew exactly all the details about his whereabouts and they knew that he was wearing bullet proofed vest on the day of the event. Hence they used RPG to make sure kill. It turned out that all those who fought in Novorusia on ideological ground have been useful idiots of the oligarchs on the both sides of the border. I’m not saying it was not worthy of fighting. What I’m saying is that those who really fought were not the ultimate beneficiaries.
If you think that Putin has been calling shots independently you better think twice. Mind we are all vulnerable to wishful thinking especially when we have some kind of vested interest in what’s happening around us. We tend to believe in an outcome which is somehow favorable to our expectations. Don’t we?
Watch this clip and prove me wrong.


Whoa, that’s a reply, but not really sure what is your core point about the Ukraine?

888mladen .

Well in prostitution all clients are partners.

Rüdiger Preiss

Not surprised now that the Neocons and Predatory Capitalists are losing their dream of ousting Assad in Syria, they try it elsewhere

888mladen .

Mr Putin reminds me on Mr Milosevic. The same comparison has been made by former Specnac colonel Igor Strelkov after RU failed to protect directly Dombas and Lugansk and other parts of Russian speaking Ukraine. Mr Milosevic has failed to protect Serbian minority in Croatia leaving it to the mercies of newly installed Nazi regime and NATO which eventually ended with 3.5 moths bombing campaign of Serbia without UN mandate. He was later on taken to Hague where he died without being convicted of any war crimes.

Karai Puku

Croatia is a friend of Russia. Problems between Russia and Ukraine are under control. Putin is strong leader, but even stronger diplomat. Things are not what they seem. Russia is practically the most important European country. Russia is defending Europe in Syria. Do not believe everything you read.


Sadly Croatia is owned by EU and NATO. This is why Croatia sold lot of ex Yugoslav weaponry to Saudi and Qatari intermediaries destined to be shipped via Turkey to the militants in Syria. A young Croat parliamentarian recently spoke about it, saying Croatia was basically told to do this by NATO and told don’t they don’t get to ask any questions.

888mladen .

By what you have written it’s obvious you’ve been well informed. Keep it up.

888mladen .

Appreciate your sense of humor.

Karai Puku

The pope met with Moscow patriarch in Cuba, just in time to make war against Russia impossible. Russia has been for centuries wounded, offended, shocked with the fall of Constantinople. The center, the symbol of half of European civilization fell to Turks. When it was important they could not rely on the help from the Christian countries.
Russia entered First World War to protect Serbia, that’s the official story, actually both Serbia and Russia were played into war by Britain trying to use a bad judgement of German elite to get rid of a contender for the global supremacy. The strategy worked and Europe and Russia has just lived 100 years of misery.
It will take time before Russia finds and accepts it’s role in Europe, and before EU and NATO accept it.
There is nothing that Europe can gain by attacking Russia, now when Russia has shown that it can defend itself. There is very little that Russia can get by attacking European countries on the western borders. Crimea is a problem that can be solved in many peaceful ways, e.g. by 99 years lease, and repeated referendum. I doubt seriously that Putin has plans to annex Lugansk or Donetsk region. He just uses them to immobilize Ukraine, just like he immobilized Georgia. If NATO was wiser these two countries could have prospered in an arrangement like Finland, neutral and close to EU.
But independent Russia is a problem for would be world master, Great Britain and U.S. They will continue to test Russia, but Russia has solid support in Germany,continental EU and China, so if Putin remains as strategically wise, and tactically brilliant as he has shown he can be, the biggest problem will be the fact that there is only one Putin, namely the succession.
But, we still have some time to go.

888mladen .

“I doubt seriously that Putin has plans to annex Lugansk or Donetsk region”. Mate you couldn’t have been more correct. He did what he has been told to do by the shadow government. Exactly “He just uses them”. They’ve been treated as a bunch of useful idiots by Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, like a canon fodder.


Strelkov is Spetsnaz colonel only according to Kiev hunta. Otherwise he is an army artillery veteran. Him saying this or that has very little importance.

Milošević could not protect Serbs in Croatia since that meant war with NATO. Don’t you remember smiling US ambassador exhorting refugees to leave from Krajina? Croatia would never be match for Serbia but whole of the NATO stood behind Croatia and Milošević had nothing to fight NATO. Putin can destroy them. What is there to compare?


Nobody gives a fuck about Russia. :)) calm down…and stop this propaganda video by showing how attacked is Russia by “global elites” :))


Launch the firsts NUCLEAR weapons to Brussels/London/Switzerland/ Washington D.C/ Denver airport/ Germany capital.

Kenneth E. Bauzon

As US/NATO-backed terrorists in Aleppo fold, US/NATO provocateurs use
Ukraine as a surrogate tool to distract from their defeat in Syria but
to needlessly provoke a more lethal war in Europe through Ukrainian
missile tests in the direction of Russia, tests which they do not
consider as a form of military aggression. But when Russia reacts to
this provocation in its defense, US/NATO war planners consider this as
military aggression eliciting retaliatory response, even if Ukraine is a
non-NATO member. Dangerous double standard.

Erik the Viking

With due respect to people’s frustration, allow me the
following observation. Putin’s response to provocation is predictable and
systemic. He allows the crisis to develop. Then intervenes when there is no
other option. Intervention is to the least degree necessary to restore the
situation anti, and protect Russia’s vital interests (like Crimea). This hurts
pride but makes sense. It keeps Russia out of ‘bleeding’ wars it cannot afford.
Russia can drive its tanks across Ukraine but cannot afford to re-build it.
Russia has some awesome kit but is not yet ready for the next ‘great war’. Most
of the military is not up to NATO standard. The next gen stealth fighter is not
in production. The Armata platform is not in full production. You can only use
nukes once. Putin is responsible for the lives of 150 million Russians and as
many people in the occupied nations of the Balts and Western Europe. I for one
am grateful for his caution. Putin knows
that the Western financial system will collapse and this will likely lead to
war. The longer he waits the stronger Russia will be. More here:

Marek Pejović

i think it’d be “a quick and decisive stomping of Ukrainians” rather than a war. and that if it even comes to this. secondly, i dont fear for it escalating; the winds in Washington are changing, neocons and Soros lost grip on power, Pentagon doesnt like the idea of engaging russians, and aside of some words, noone in washington or europe is willing to back Ukraine, let alone over such a direct provocation and against Russia.

Jacek Wolski

Well, I hope they wait with this new war till after 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ?