Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

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Written by Julian Macfarlane, Tokyo based investigative journalist, writer, author, geopolitical and military analyst

Stuff and nonsense

The military operation in Avdeevka was successful. Everything is fine. The front line has leveled off. I will say that in our units, including individual military personnel, they understand that this was a necessity.

That quote —the official line in Kiev—is from Sergei Tsekhotsky. Identified as an officer and spokesperson for the 59th brigade, known for telling British television:

If the Ukrainian Armed Forces run out of ammunition, we will fight with shovels.

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

Sergei Tsekhotsky

…whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields… Winston Churchill

No, not that. Rather….

…whatever the cost may be, preferably 61 billion dollars, we shall fight with shovels.

Sergei, like everybody else is wearing camo’ these days— the military look is really cool, especially in coffeeshops, in Paris or Berlin or London where you can fight with coffee spoons. Sad, how expensive coffee has become.

But—Ukrainians are dying—and they are not dying laughing—no matter what nonsense comes out of Kiev, or London, or Washington – or Munich – all those places where it seems so many Western Ukrainians have moved. They indeed “understand necessity”—namely the necessity of getting as far from the battle as possible.

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

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Avdeevka was “successful”? It was a rout. A monumental disaster.

Who were those guys running?

As likely as not, theyb were the UAF’s best and baddest—the Azov Third Brigade, who had been decimated on arrival.

Their commanders took refuge underground just as they did in Mariupol in Azovstal.

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

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The rank-and-file— not all of whom were Nazis – saw that they had been sent here to die –and fled. Many died anyway trying to cross – not only Russian minefields – but their own – since it was their commanders in the coal plant who had the maps of the mine fields. The abandoned troops tried to escape anyway, mostly west of Lastochkyne.

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

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Their Nazi commanders are thought to have tried to flee too— later—after retreat was authorized to “save lives”. But some may still be hiding out underground. The Coke plant has 7 bomb shelters able to accommodate 2,500 people and bunkers with generators, fuel, water, food and medicine supplies.

The fields to the northwest are littered with bodies, mostly regular soldiers.

The Ukrainian Internet is full of bitter and painful stories of injured soldiers who were refused evacuation. If they were lucky, the Russians – who have the best battlefield medicine in the world— looked after them. Those who were captured look pretty happy.

In this videos, it’s captured Ukrainian soldiers tending to a wounded Russian!

Quelle Horreur

The timing of the Fall of Avdiivka was perfect – it coincided with the glitzy Munich Security Conference.

At the Munich Security Conference dinner, the Uppity Class, which sadly lacks both class and taste, had small talk over lobster, hamburgers and champagne.

Avdiivka has fallen. Putin has murdered Navalny. And now he is coming for our burgers. Quelle horreur!”

“Not to worry” said Tony Blinken reassuringly.

Except that nothing is going the way the US has said—not now— not for the last few decades.

Of course, the Fall of Avdeevka was predictable months ago. In fact, the course of the whole war – sorry, SMO – was decided in the summer of 2022.

Have some champagne and consider what comes next. Oh, President Trump!

The fall of Zelensky?

Zelensky appeared at Munich with a rant written for him in English about the need to destroy Russia and its people.

Think: Lord of the Rings. Ukrainians are Hobbits. Europeans are Elves and Dwarves. Americans, the Brits and Canucks are human beings. Putin is Sauron. Russians are Orcs—which is what Ukrainians commonly refer to them as.

Is Biden Gandalf?

Zelensky did not look good in Munich. Mayor Klitschko of Kiev was also there. He didn’t look good either He agrees with Zelensky. The same neo-Nazi line.

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

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What is it about Ukrainian politics? A comedian who plays the piano with his penis. A former boxer who has been hit too many times in the head. Tactically inept generals. The whole neo-Nazi thing. Is this a country—or a circus?

If it’s a circus, the lions are eating the audience—it’s all about bloody fantasy—and hate.

Nancy Pelosi was in Munich and said we are sacrificing at home to “defend democracy”. She meant democracy abroad – there is none at home.

Joseph Biden was not in Munich, but sent his much-despised running mate, Kamala Harris instead. Back home, he called Republican reluctance to authorize another $61 billion in aid for Ukraine “shocking”. Biddy Biden is “shocked” and “outraged” by so many things—just not by children blown apart by Israeli bombs.

But Biden has already lost, just as Zelensky has. First, he lost his mind – and then he lost the people. After that comes the election—he’ll lose that too — although it probably won’t make much difference.

In the case of Zelensky, the Western press had been building up Zaluzhny as an alternative to Zelensky because of his supposed military “expertise”. Zelensky reacted by firing him. It was a bad move. For one thing, Zaluzhny has the support of important Azov factions. Also, hanging onto Avdeevka was his idea originally – as was the use of the Third Brigade— but by firing him, Zelensky put himself in the crosshairs for the blame since everyone knew that Syrsky had no power to decide anything.

Now, Zelensky is talking about court-marshaling commanders. Another bad move.

The neo-Nazis are not happy.

Remember 2014? The Maidan Coup. Nazi Nuland’s tattooed thugs are still there.

Avdiivka, Munich, Chaos

Azov Battalion

Whether the president of Ukraine is Zelensky, Zaluzhny, or Klitschko won’t change anything. The Ukraine is run by rabid nationalists. Well, rabid at least. The “nationalism part” is the symptom not the disease. The West is not foaming at the mouth because of nationalism but because it is sick— and dying. A pity it had to bite Ukraine in 2014.

Russia understands all this. And, by timing the fall of Avdeevka to coincide with the Munich Security Conference it has sent a message— to the best of the West, all shiny Idiots decked out in Fools Gold and vanity, dancing on corpses.

Soon, Ukraine will be gone. In a better, if distant future…

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according to the western msn russia will deploy nukes in space. good news. dont poke the bear.


a mentally retarded person who thinks that if nuclear bombs are released he will get away with it, lol they are immune to radiation, really this is a den of degenerates, for 2 years they have been behaving like nazis but they do like children and call others what they really mean they are


zelensky is about to be ceaușescu’d

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