‘Arab Spring’ and the Washington-Brussels-Riyadh Axis


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Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson

When the “end of history”, meaning the establishment of a permanent Western hegemony over the entire international system, was proclaimed in the early 1990s, it was not yet obvious how the pursuit of said hegemony would evolve over the succeeding decades. The “velvet” expansion of the 1990s into the post-Soviet vacuum gave way to the “iron fist” for which the 9/11 terror strikes provided the excuse and which meant invading whichever country Washington desired. However, the “iron fist” efforts in the post-9/11 world demonstrated West’s weakness , as sustaining operations in Iraq and Afghanistan proved too much for NATO.  This failure ushered the post-“post-9/11” world, and the “Arab Spring” became the first, though far from the only, demonstration of the evolved Western strategy which fuses the earlier approaches.

The “velvet” aspect is still there: Western entities claim they are promoting “universal human values” which, evidently, is the end that justifies all means and which automatically means it is impossible to commit war crimes in its pursuit. Also, by implication, anyone who stands in the West’s way operates under the presumption of guilt. In order to promote said “universal values”, the West identifies, creates, or even invents a political movement which, although it consists of corrupt opportunists and outright criminals, ostensibly stands for “universal values”. This entity then receives overwhelmingly positive media coverage, to the point of referring to any police or military response to the violence it perpetrates as “war crimes”, in order to shape the public opinion in favor of limited military intervention in the form of airstrikes and a small number of special operations troops. Then one merely needs an excuse, a small incident, an insignificant act of violence by the target country’s law enforcement of the kind that happen in the US in a daily basis, in order to start beating the war drums against the “blood-soaked regime.” This approach was pioneered in Bosnia and Kosovo, the early exceptions to the “velvet” policy, but was then shelved in the post-9/11 era when it seemed that West’s aims could be achieved through more direct–and brutal–means, only to be resurrected by the Obama Administration and applied in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine with only minor variations.

But the “universal values” rhetoric is only camouflage aimed at securing the support of the liberal wing of the elite and obscuring the real aim of the aggression, the seizure of key national assets, be it petroleum or, in the case of Ukraine, farmland to bolster the fortunes of dominant sectors of Western economies, including finance and energy, and to preserve the fading Western hegemony. It is also evident Western powers are in an informal but very close alliance with the highly repressive governments of Gulf Arab states, which also stood to gain from eliminating the political competition posed by Libya’s government and from building pipelines to Europe over the corpse of the Syrian state. This alignment was made necessary by the West’s need for “boots on the ground” which can accomplish that which airpower alone cannot, with ISIS, Al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army, and other such formations being a NATO-trained and NATO-equipped force which can be sent where NATO soldiers can’t go, due to the domestic opposition such a move would provoke.

The insights into the finances of the various Clinton “foundations” provided by Wikileaks clearly show the inner workings of this alliance. The leaks also illustrate the key aspect of this alliance, namely the secretive and conspiratorial machinations of a small group of influential actors, as opposed to the broad elite consensus that existed during the Cold War. Nevertheless, this small group of conspirators on three continents now amounts to a de-facto Washington-Brussels-Riyadh axis. It is a relatively recent creation, dating to only the beginning of the Obama Administration. It did not exist during the George W. Bush Administration: Saudi Arabia was aghast at the idea of toppling the Sunni rule in Iraq, and the EU was mostly opposed to invading Iraq. Which made the EU’s embrace of regime change in Syria, Libya, and Ukraine all the more startling, though not entirely surprising.  Just as the US foreign policies are driven by the fear of being eclipsed by rising or recovering powers like China or Russia, the 2008 crisis bared the EU’s weakness and thus provided an incentive for EU hardliners engage in reckless policies in the hopes of staving off its collapse.

Is the game worth the candle? Considering the shrillness of the pro-war propaganda in both the US and the EU today, to the point of risking World War 3,  the imagined benefits of regime changes must have been enormous. Stamping out the last truly sovereign states of the Middle East would have strengthened the West’s claim on global hegemony. The failures Ukraine and in Syria, and ultimately also in Libya,  therefore place Western powers face-to-face with the prospect of historic decline.

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Jonathan Jarvis

Excellent as usual….thank you.


I agree with Jonathan Jarvis. I only hope that the leadership in Russia
understands the situation as well as SF does. All I would add is that
the mentality and squalid disposition of the west is such that they
can only ‘double down’ on what they have done. They are so possessed
by their evil state of mind that all they can do is more of the same.
Cleansing is the only way out.


Why leave the fanatic Zionist state of Israel out of the “Regime Change Axis”? The Zionist lobby is the driving engine for America’s regime change policy.

Pampi Ta

Come on, don’t fall into conspirationnist theories. The so-called ‘Arab springs’ are very different and the axis US-Saudi-Israel had very different views on it (don’t even mention Brussels, it’s the US bitch).
Take the Egyptian Arab spring, one of the most important : Israel and Saudi Arabia were very unhappy while the US and Qatar (Muslim Brotherhood friends) were pleased.

As for the Bahreini Arab spring, it put the US and the Saudis in panic mode.


Good to see my old thesis: the US-NATO-Sunni Axis (forged by Nixon, Yamani and Kissinger with Petro Dollars) being espoused elsewhere!

US Greed and Islam’s hate made the perfect consort dancing together since Nixon, Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni axis. This has directed global wars, terror, economies and public opinion ever since. The Islam Mahomet created was born from his selling his soul to Satan to sate his hatred with revenge on Muqqa. The US became partners in crime as it submitted to the oil well betwixt the mammoth thighs of Mammon.

US actions have been the deliberate advancement of a consistent pro-Sunni Islamic Policy since even before Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni Axis with Petro Dollars. Truman threw the Kurds into the Turkish Sunni belly in 1946.

Nixon sent the Seventh Fleet up the Bay of Bengal to defend Pakistan;s right to practice Islam (mass rapes, sex slavery, genocide, vandalism etc) in 1971 and Turkey’s annexation of half of Cyprus in 1973 and the persecution of Shia Iran in International affairs.

The US is a Polyphemus being ridden by Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam as Sindbad was by the “Old Man of the Sea”. The White Hice, the State Department and the CIA are not accountable to the US people as much as internal US governance. From Nixon’s China and Pakistan to “contain India” (a suicidal India that is its own worst enemy, standing as a Totalitarian Anti-Hindu State on the two fundamental pillars of “reservations” and “corruption”) as State Policy, Bush (the Father’s) CIA when he founded the Bush wealth from largesse found under the Tent of Saud, to Reagan’s Iran-Contra and Taliban, to Clinton (the husband’s) bombing of Belgrade to cede Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclaves (Bosnia and Kosovo) in Europe since 1489, to Bush (the Son’s) Iraq and Obama (The Holy Ghost’s) ISIS, the White Hice have been acting just as any mercenary on the pay roll of Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam might.

Pakistan is the US’s consistent cat’s paw to contain India since Nixon as it has been China’s since inception. Islamic Terror is Pakistan’s favoured and consistent weapon in dealing with India and has full White Hice blessings. The US has tossed one country after another into the maws of Sunni Islam. Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Cyprus, Tunisia, “The Arab Spring” and Libya. Now the US has thrown its NATO allies in Europe into the anti-civilization and dehumanizing chaos called Islam.

Daesh (ISIL to Obama, ISIS to you and Islam as per the Quran and the Hadiths), Al Shebab like Boko Haram, Pakistan Army, Jaish e Mohammed, Lashkar e Taiba, Turkish Army, Saudi Army and so on are different regiments of Taliban (students of the Quran and the Hadiths raised in Madrassas around the world funded by Saudi and other Sunni Petro Dollars to impose what they have learned, Islam, on the rubble of civilization). They are trained by the US-Pakistan made war college, Al Qaeda, (The Base), its successors and assigns. They are not merely US allies, but US’ “boots on the ground” that are bringing democracy (regime change and chaos) on America’s behalf along with Islam (vandalism, gang rapes, beheadings, genocides, slavery and so on) on Mahomet’s behalf to the world.


All those people are jews – that Brussels Washington Riyad pyramid ought to have nasty little Israel right in the middle.


Another Truly fine and through report from one of the best sources on the net and who truly gives me my monies worth.

Elaine Ossipov

good article, comprehensive.


Very good video, but you ignore the elephant in the room. Israel and Zionists in the US and Europe. It’s been the stated aim of Israel for nearly forty years to break up and weaken all the Arab states, so these atrocities are done mainly for their benefit.


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Philip Andrews

It is just so boring, wearying, irrelevant and pointless, like an automaton or broken record to keep on harping on about Israel/Zionism… Question; where has the West got its petrol from until very recently, petrol without which it could exist, and without which economies collapse? Saudi, the Gulf, Iraq. Iran. (Of course Israel has reserves bigger than Saudi which makes her a SuperPower, however this is a ‘secret’… And she is at 69 the instigator of the 1300 year Sunni/Shia divide…) Come on guys get Intelligent… Saudi has since ’74 spent $74 billion just on Global Islamisation. The Arab lobby is the strongest in DC. But it makes sure we think the Israel lobby is. The Saudi Investment level in the US is a State Secret. The strategic nature of Saudi US investment even more so… Saudis have the US by the balls…
The one thing I disagree with in this report is about Saudi and Iraq. Saudi invited the US in to try to regime change Iran through Iraq (air campaign to destroy Iran followed by planned invasion of Iran), but the Great US mil wasn’t up to it… So Saudi with US + Turkey created Sunni ISIS out of the Central Iraq Sunni heartland. ISIS is Saudi. So when Saudi tried to rc Assad to fight Iran, Russia, a long time Assad supporter, stepped in. Which is where we are now. Israel is peripheral to all this. Doesn’t like Iran, but has to live with Iran, Assad and Turkey also Russia now.