Another Ukrainian Abrams Tank Bites The Dust Near Avdeevka (Video)

Another Ukrainian Abrams Tank Bites The Dust Near Avdeevka (Video)

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The Russian military has destroyed yet another American-made M1A1 SA Abrams main battle tank of Kiev forces while advancing to the northwest of the city of Avdeevka in the Donetsk direction.

The tank was targeted with Krasnopol guided artillery shells on a road close to the settlement of Novoselivka Persha. Video footage of the strike was posted to social networks on May 12.

The United States supplied Ukraine with 31 Abrams over the past year. Russian sources claim that more than a third of the tanks have already been destroyed or damaged. Two of these tanks were also captured by the Russian military. All the losses were near Avdeevka.

Krasnopol shells were used to target several Abrams tanks. The laser-guided shell hits its target from top, the weakest point in the armor of any main battle tank. It is armed with a high-explosive warhead that weights between 6.50 and 11 kilograms, depending on the version. A laser designator, which can be carried by infantry, mounted on ground vehicles or installed on aerial drones, is used to illuminate targets for Krasnopol shells.

Earlier this year, Ukraine withdrew all Abrams tanks from the front as the result of the excessive use of drones by the Russian military, which made it too difficult for the tanks to operate without detection or coming under attack, according to The Associated Press

Nevertheless, the rapid Russian advance to the northwest of Avdeevka in recent weeks forced Kiev forces to redeploy the tanks and take more losses.


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tactical n u k e s

for already more than 2 years ru has been too soft. it’s time to teach the kiev nazi junta a lesson once and for all, time for the tactical nukes has come

Satanic Anglo Scum!

target destroyed! 😤


why would russia use nuclear weapons so close to their homeland


not to mention that a third of ukrainians are ethnically, culturally and linguistically russian. most of them now live in the east, but there are still some of them in ukraine as well.


not even a third, but almost all, even those who name themselves 200% hardcore ukros. but if you’ll take their dna probes, you’ll see that there is no ukros by genes. same results are shown by linguistics, history and cultural studies. “gallup” research (2006) shows that 86% uses russian in everyday life. it’s russian land called malorossia (kiev and near regions) and novorossia (black sea shore from odessa to caucasus where novorossiysk city is.

Barba Papa

because tactical n u k e s is a looney?


i hope fab3000 will do the job, reduce the human cost and end this stupid war.


they are smart, our depots are virtually empty…we threw everything we had at the russians….they systematically destroyed everything…
why make a quick advance resulting in high losses, when you can go slow but steadily, destroying everything on your way without the (massive) losses you’d have if you were to advance fast….?
they (the russians) are playing for the long term and let’s be honest….they are excellent at it…we on the other hand……

Sumy Sumatra Big Bang

best fireworks of f-16s dropping from the skies to come. always a new act in biden and bailey’s 3 ring circus.


ok here , take this, run out there a good ways, light the fuse and run back.

Last edited 30 days ago by dead_dickeye

it’s our land, but we can nuke poland or romania instead. do you like denmark?


amazing they are still fighting a suicidal battle in russian speaking regions and are using these driving coffins. i can understand determination when they are defending kiev (like napoleon was battling near paris and the fuhrer in berlin before his retirement to argentina) but this is insane.

Karl Heinz Winter

der führer zog sich nicht nach argentinien zurück sondern lebte bis 1965 glücklich in einem moskauer zoo, ausgestellt zwischen affen und elefanten!

the führer did not retire to argentina, but lived happily in a moscow zoo, exhibited between monkeys and elephants, until 1965!


fuhrer became furry — you can’t survive without a fur at south pole in new shvabia (neu schwaben). but it’s urban legends. mad addy is dead and his teeth and fragment of skull are stored in archives in moskva. other body parts were burned and ashes scattered in unknown place. so nobody can poop at his grave like at bandera’s grave in munich.

Barba Papa

the fuhrer in berlin forced his troops to fight in strategically unimportant parts all over russia too, refusing to give up a single inch of what he was holding. his policy did not change if it was a russian marsh or the seelow heights. the fuhrer in kiev is just copying his example.


clown of kiev is clown of fuhrer from fashington. remember the shouts of western pimps that the war could be ended on the battlefield only, no peace treaties with russia. clowns from kiev were ready to give up in first two weeks before shaggy freak bojo ruined istanbul agreement.


mais outro pro saco. oh glória!


but what happened to the operators ???

Satanic Anglo Scum!

burned beyond recognition!

Ramses II

the abrams tank popped 100 orch tanks before getting a small dent. pop pop pop! now more russian soldiers hand themselves over to the proper people and nation, ukraine. everybody knows how this will end in russia with chaos!


the tank is destroyed. you don’t have the faintest notion if it ever fought a russian tank.

Ramses II

you don’t have faintest notion if stahlin’s fart smelled bad or as blossom, you needed to sniff it actually to make a conclusion

Shitskin Clyde

i love talliban dicks up my ass and mouth. their spеrm rejuvenates my wrinkled pig face diseased with herpes.. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋. 💋

Last edited 30 days ago by Shitskin Clyde
Sumi Sumatra Big Bang

abrams tanks remind me of my fat neighbor shoveling snow in the winter.


old crap, basic m1 version with 120-mm gun instead old 105-mm. no “chobham” multi-layer armor, no depleted uranium plates, no era, no tactic link info system. where are new models with aps to test and then go to museum in “patriot” park? old models are not interesting, boring!


i want to see new nato junk blown up too but its good that it doesn’t have the uranium armor. burning uranium is a chemical/radiological disaster for the area.