All In Against SouthFront: US Intelligence To Create New Foreign Malign Influence Center

All In Against SouthFront: US Intelligence To Create New Foreign Malign Influence Center

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The US top spy agency is going to establish a new center to combat hostile foreign meddling in U.S. national affairs. The decision was made following multiple assessments that Russia and other US enemies allegedly have sought to sway elections and sow chaos among the American people.

The “Russian dire threat” has been the main duty of US intelligence for years. The US treasure has already been drained on billions of dollars allocated to fight against the mythical Russian information campaigns, which de facto resulted in the war against SouthFront that has $5000 budget.

Now, in addition to numerous American special services, NATO, EU structures, another mighty center for comabing external threats is being established.

The Foreign Malign Influence Center will be created by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) “in light of evolving threats and in support of growing policy and congressional requirements,” according to the statement by an agency spokesperson to POLITICO on April 26.

The Center is intended to become a hub “inclusive of analysts from all” intelligence elements and serve as the federal government’s “integrator to all intelligence pertaining to foreign malign influence and provide appropriate assessments to policymakers.”

The new Center’s establishment is an initiative proclaimed by the head of the American national intelligence Avril Haynes. She began emphasizing the need to create the center after being sworn into office in January, calling efforts to stem influence operations an “incredibly important issue.”

Following this initiative, a declassified report that marked “the most comprehensive intelligence assessment of foreign meddling in the 2020 election” was released in March. Russian President Vladimir Putin was accused of having “authorized efforts to damage Joe Biden’s candidacy and mounted operations to influence people close to President Donald Trump.” Iran and China were also listed in the report for their alleged attempts to affect the election.

The Foreign Malign Influence Center, as the main tool for detection of malicious foreign activity, is expected to be established “as soon as possible”. Neither the approximate timeline nor the center’s budget were not disclosed.

Obviously, the new super center will cost the US budget a good deal of money.

For the part of SouthFront, we would like to address the Biden administration:

Dear friends, SouthFront is on the brink of ending its activity. If it happens the US will lose the major threat to fight with and there will be no more reason to invest in the US mighty intelligence services!

Thus, we are asking the US administration for a donation support. For some reason, the Russians refuse to fund SouthFront, and ignore our requests. Probably, the White House could address the FSB or the GRU, so that they finally allocate SouthFront with few thousand dollars for mutual Russian-American benefit.

We would be glad to further please you with our work, but without your support, this will not be possible.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront Team


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johnny rotten

The same symptoms, when they are found in an individual, leads him directly to the psychiatric hospital.

AM Hants

Not forgetting that 80%+ of US Intelligence just happens to be contracted to the private sector and has very little to do with being run by the US, for the benefit of the people of the US.

How weird, that Biden allegedly in the White House, it is just like US 2014-2016 under Obama.

John Kirby, who bragged about bringing Russians home in Body Bags, just before the Alexandre Ensemble lost their lives in the Christmas Day air disaster, is back as the Pentagon spokesman. Still looking as creepy as ever.

Jen Psaki, and remember her and Matt Lee, when she was representing Obama’s State Department, headed by John Kerry, when the MH17 went down? Now she is back as Biden’s mouth piece and just as pathetic as ever.

Then you had John Kerry and remember Sergey Lavrov giving him a hamper of potatoes, over in Sochi?

What was he saying about Russia over in Syria? With regards who was legally in the country and who was illegally in the country?

ANOTHER LEAKED AUDIO: John Kerry’s 2016 Meeting with Syrian “Revolutionaries” Pushing for US Bomb Attacks on Syria (AUDIO)

“The problem is the Russians don’t care about international law and we do. And we don’t have a basis, our lawyers tell us, unless we have a Security Council resolution,” he said.

“They were invited in, we were not,” he added, referring to Moscow’s military operations in Syria.

“We don’t behave like Russians. It’s just a different standard,” Kerry said

Leaked audio of John Kerry’s meeting with Syrian revolutionaries/UN (improved audio)

Starting at 26:30, it seems that Kerry says that the US allowed ISIS to grow as a bargaining chip with Assad.

In articles that discuss this audio, this part seems to be omitted every time.

The New York Times doesn’t mention it:

Neither does CNN:

This alternative outlet does analyze it:

So, can anyone recommend further reading on this recording?

Edit: people seem interested in this post. Here’s a top Obama aid telling Hillary Clinton in a 2012 email that “AQ is on our side in Syria.”

Edit 2: this article/podcast lays out a lot of important primary sources on the malign influence of the US in Syria:


Biden is the sock puppet.
The neo-cons are the govt. (cookie lady and her consort r. kagan eg)
It’s been that way for decades.
Go back to the Wolfowitz days.
Trump was the fly in the ointment (I’m not a D.T. fan)
He slowed them down over the 4 years.
Everything back to normal.
Or so they think. (Read: Belarus)

AM Hants

It is the same over in the UK, where I am from. All our Prime Ministers, all parties, since Margaret Thatcher are members of Common Purpose and so are most of those that have served them, on the various cabinets. There is no difference between them, apart from the colour of the rossette at election time. The same in the US.

Three Corporations Rule The World.

The City of London – Control finance. The Crown Estate was passed from the Sovereign to private administrators, owing to the Sovereign of the day, back in the 18th century being bankrupt. Funnily, back in 1213, the Sovereign of the Day, King John II also faced bankruptcy and gave all the territory, including the colonies past and future, to the Vatican.

The Vatican – Controls spirituality – the Vatican Estate, is again looked after by the same crowd as the Crown Estate.

Washington DC – Control military – The Fed Reserve, again looked after by the same crowd that runs both the Crown and Vatican Estates. All three, lodge in host nations, with rules of their own, with their own laws and taxes, based on the old Roman Empire.

All, but, one possibly two US Presidents are related to King John II, and not sure if Trump is or is not (being the 2nd). How many members of the Privy Council were linked into Dominion/Smartmatic electronic voting machines, used in the US Presidential Election?

So few people, yet, so much power and control and very dubious habits.

AM Hants

Thank you Richard.

At the moment, I am very slowly reading ‘Devil’s Chessboard’ by David Talbot. It is all about the CIA and Allen Dulles and certainly worth reading. Owing to the fact that Allen Dulles was a Nanzi sympathiser and had more mates in the Nanzi Party, when he was stationed in Switzerland than he had in the US Government, that he was serving, at the time. His brother was also a supporter of the Nanzis, and worked for an investment bank, that specialised in US Corporations and their Nanzi support/investment. Anyway, move on, whilst working for the OSS, his future project is to create the CIA, which ironically was launched in the same year that the foundations of Israel were laid down.. There first exercise was the safe passage of the Bolshevik and Nanzi Elite, serving in Europe.

Earl Browder, the grandfather of Bill Browder, was the leader of the US Communist Party and involved with Dulles, in creating the list of those to be provided safe passage. Together with the SS Intelligence Officer, Reinhard Gehlen. Look at where the kids of those who were given safe passage and new identities are now?

CIA Timeline History –

CIA and Hollywood –

1954 – What also interested me was Krushchev, the Ukrainian who gave Crimea to Ukraine, in order to thank the people of Ukraine for voting him into position of Leader of the Soviet Union Bolshevik Communist Party.

1961 – Who in 1961, was involved in the Bay of Pigs? Didn’t Allen Dulles lose his position in the CIA, owing to the Bay of Pigs, before moving out and being part of the team that set up the Atlantic Council?

What was the best way to kick start a Cold War, and get a ‘NATO Admin Think Tank’ up and running, or am I being cynical?

1913 – Fed Reserve was set up, in the same year as the Tavistock Institute of Human Behaviour. Funnily enough by David Rockefeller, the Sovereign of the day, which I believe was George V, the first King in the House of Windsor, Grandson of Prince Albert, the German husband of Queen Victoria. Together with two brothers from Dublin, who ran the Right Media and the Left Media, of the UK Press. The aim of the Tavistock Institute was mind control of the masses, starting with preparing the citizens of the US and the UK to welcome War. Prior to this, they were naturally anti-war.

1914, – you had the Balfour Declaration, which were the discussions with regards setting up Israel, and preparations for introducing Israel into the Middle East, in the future (1947). What was Churchill’s connections with regards Ottoman Empire, ME Wars and Balfour Declaration?

1917 – The IRA was created and what was the role of the Dublin Brothers and the Tavistock Institute and the formation of the IRA? That is pure curiosity on my part, owing to the timing and how the IRA worked in the same way as the current batch of Ukraine Nanzis, Anti-fa/BLM, Daesh, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hong Kong Protesters, etc. etc, etc.

1917 – Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire. How many Empires fell courtesy WWI? Besides the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Prussian Empire?

Move forward to the 1920s, and who gave us the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party? Mao’s Communist Chinese Party, European Fascist Parties and not forgetting the Fabian Member Oswald Mosely, also led the UK Fascist Party (I do believe he was a member of each and every political party in the UK, during his lifetime). All of them, although opposites had exactly the same ideology, with regards totalitarian control., except one used race and the other used class. Divide and hate policies, which are so common today, whatever battle you look at.

WWI – League of Nations
WWII – United Nations
WWII – NWO – Full Spectrum Domination.

Over the past 2,000 years plus, we have all been played, using exactly the same script, from century to century.


Accurate assessment requires analysis of both open and closed (to the public) source information. My assumption is that no terrestrial source has access to all of the closed source info. Though some of the ETs/EDs probably do.

You’re on the right track from what open source info I’ve looked at, and what closed source experience I’ve had. Including working on the NI peace process to get the British Isles security situation stabilized. Which included meeting, talking and working with people like Ian Paisley, Martin Mcguinness and others. Including paramilitary weapons, explosives and operations specialists. And creating the term/office of First Minister.

And being a US Presidential adviser, and conducting unarmed and armed ET contact and interaction special operations.

I just got back from a super soldier training mission in Arizona. And running an ET contact operation involving a 10 mile moutain wilderness hike. That included an encounter with wild boar. And a helicopter fly over.

I had a .32 acp handgun in my jacket pocket, and a .40 S&W (10mm) carbine, 120 rounds of ammunition, and 8x to 24x magnification binoculars in my book bag back pack.

I didn’t have to deploy the weapons. But I did use the binoculars to monitor the aircraft flyover. Sometimes ET craft will mimic conventional aircraft using hologram technology. The area that I was running the contact op in contains an ET spaceport according to the course instructor.

My view is that there’s a lot of advanced technology in sequestered projects in the hands of negative cabal members. Who are using it for nefarious purposes to the detriment of humanity. And that control of these projects and technologies needs to be transferred to more responsible concerns who will use it for the betterment of humanity. Preferably with killing as few people as possible in the process.

AM Hants

Must admit, I find it interesting how the same animals, back both teams, whilst making sure that one of the teams has no rules to follow. Whilst throwing the book at the other team, that does everything demanded of it, by political sociopaths, who are accountable to nobody.


Yes, we need to get away from that.


Thanks for the post.
One sees bit and pieces of this info.
You’ve put it in a nice package.

According to the following, the Donald is part of the royal tribe

AM Hants

Thank you. With regards Donald Trump, I thought he might be, owing to his Scottish mother, but, had not looked into it, so could not include him, apart from as a possibility.

The Treaty of 1213, where King John II gave all British Land to the Vatican has never been revoked, so believe the Vatican Estate still owns the territory of the UK, plus colonies, including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, together with others. Also, Jerusalem was an outpost of the Roman Empire, over 2,000 years ago. Shame they can not be transparent about what is what.

Thanks for the link. With regards an interesting article on the Three Corporations That Rule The World, I think it is Sinhalot, or something similar, if you Google ‘Three Corporations That Rule The World’. Plus, Treaty of 1213, which sends you to a very weird naming website, but, again interesting with regards what it says about the Treaty.


Sri Lankan site.
how interesting.


US Intelligence = oxymoron

Lone Ranger

Oh you beat me to it.
just noticed :)

Lone Ranger

U.S. intelligence is an oxymoron…

Lone Ranger

In other words they will use these lies as a pretex to do exactly the same only legally and on a wider basis, both home and abroad.
They are too predictable.

Trap Is Not Gay

The Jews are starting to try by force.

Me&Myself None

You guys used to be excellent. I used to subscribe on your YouTube channel and used to come here every day to get my doses of true news, but I have noticed that since the beginning of the Trump presidency, your site has made a 180 degree turn, and has become another fringe of Fox news, a hub for fake news divisive media. And the moment a user disagrees with your narrative, you employ the exact the same tactics of suppression that you usually railed about when YouTube did it to you


in the final analysis, all the news is fake isn’t it?


I don’t believe that at all.


Israel should be at the top of the list if malign threats to the US. Jews and Zionists are the ones responsible for the vilification of Russia. They’re a common enemy of the US and Russia.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have pointed out. All in this world is about influence and leverage.
From we are born we fight to get influence in kindergarten and we learn to networker among the other children to get leverage to act out from a position of strength.
Therefore I and Bolton used so much time on Manbij because Manbij was the heart city of the heartland and therefore the leverage to global influence.
But Trump kicked both of us out saying we were wasting his time, because Trump didnt understood the global balance of maintaining leverage of influence everywhere, but I and Bolton understood it.
One ring to rule them all!


Manbij was important for the link with Iran, but Trump knew he could block it from Iraq.

Pave Way IV

The US top spy agency is going to establish a new center to combat hostile foreign meddling in U.S. national affairs.

Sounds anti-Semitic. Does AIPAC know about this? They’ll be furious at the ODNI. Apologize now, spooks, and save your asses and what’s left of your careers. Remember… Mossad is watching you.


there are no semites in AIPAC




That final message killed me! I love it!


Forum users please note – if you get into debate with a resident troll – and they start losing ground – beware of random reply from a different account handle-name than the troll, with reply that consists of just a single line hyperlink, a URL address that looks very random – don’t click on any random hyperlink that has weird looking URL – can hover cursor over hyperlink and see the long and dodgy bunch of text and numbers. Have been seeing these third party dodgy hyperlink replies more in last weeks.


SF became less active after SofiaGate, very interesting


‘Malicious Foreign Activity’= ‘NeoTerrorism’ = Anything that frightens politicians….hhmm, a strong Semitic flavor in that don’t you think?


lol America installed a drunk to rule Russia in the 90s was that melding? but a few 100 trolls from russia is to far