3 Soldiers Were Killed In Eastern Ukraine In A Failed Attempt To Peneterate LPR Defense Line

Three Ukrainian servicemen have been killed in the Svetlodarsk area in a failed attempt to peneterate defenses of the Luugansk People’s Republic (LPR) military near the key town of Debaltsevo, the LPR media center reported on May 3.

A representative of the LPR military, Andrey Marochko, said that a group of four Ukrainian servicemen had attempted to move indepth of the LPR-held area with a goal of conducting acts of sabotage. But they were detectved by LPR fighters at one of the checkpoints. As a result of a firefight, 3 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 1 was injured. LPR fighters seized 3 automatic rifles and parts of IEDs.

More photos could be found here (CAUTION GRAPHICS)

In turn, pro-Kiev sources reported that 3 Ukraian servicemen died in an attempt to rescue their wounded counterpart. No info was provided how the serviceman had received his injures.

“Three of our guys, rescuing their wounded sworn brother, heroically died in the Svetlodarsk area. One of them who was wounded detonated a hand grenade in order not to be taken prisoner and kill the enemy. He died on the spot,” the press center of the Ukrainian military headquarters said on its Facebook page.

A statement by the LPR military:

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Tudor Miron

Khazarian Kaganat recreated in Ukraine. 90% ashkenasi elite ruling slavic population. Simply torturing and decreasing Ukrainians.



Tudor Miron

Mind elaborating?


Well said and there are so many behind the people of Donbass. Stay strong and heads held high as we all pray for peace to come, asap.


I understand well the Khazar rulers of Ukraine. They have just done what their clan always does. Steal money, steal money and steal more money.
The UkroNazi foot soldiers are no better than ISIS.They fight for rape, plunder and murder + of course $ to spend.


@ DutchirrationaI

I was going to ask you how much dope you smoke ? Or to you prefer to inject to forget what a weak and cowardly nation Holland is ?

Tudor Miron

He’s not Dutch, mate. He’s just fooled Ukrainian – one of many who “Forgotten the face of his Father”.


Those weapons were second rate issue – not to well-cared for.


Can’t expect much from the ukrainian joke army.